25 Easy Litter Box Hacks For a Fresh Smelling Home

Litter box hacks

Any cat parent knows too well that our kitty companions can be stinky when they get down to business in their litter boxes. To fight our felines’ fragrant waste we’ve put together these 25 litter box hacks. They’ll have you going from peyew to woohoo! #1 Clean and scoop daily  Just like how we’re turned … Read more

How Much Crude Protein Should Be in Cat Food?

How much crude protein should be in cat food?

If you’ve ever been stumped by the nutrition facts on a bag of kibble or canned food, you’re not alone. At the top of that “guaranteed analysis” is crude protein but what does this mean, and how much crude protein should be in cat food anyways? Adult cats need to eat at least 65g per … Read more

Do Cats Need to Be Fed a High Protein Diet?

Do cats need high protein diet

Cats need more protein than other species, but do all cats need to be fed a high-protein diet? Being obligate carnivores, cats aren’t able to survive without eating meat. Though feeding your cat more protein than they need won’t improve their health in general, it’s also unlikely to cause harm.  High protein diets are often … Read more

What is biologically appropriate cat food?

biologically appropriate

While looking for cat food, you may have come across the words “biologically appropriate” stamped on bags of kibble or canned wet food.  So what is biologically appropriate cat food anyway? In a nutshell, biologically appropriate cat food promises to meet the nutritional needs embedded in your domestic kitty’s DNA from their wild feline ancestors. … Read more

Can I Feed My Cat Different Brands of Food?

Can I feed my cat different brands of food?

If your kitty is turning their nose up at dinner you may be wondering, can I feed my cat different brands of food to spice up mealtimes?  The answer is yes! You can feed your cat different brands of food. In fact, cats benefit from having variety in their diet. In this article, we’ll answer … Read more

Adopting a Blind Cat: What You Need to Know About These Sensitive Creatures

blind cat

If you’re a long-time supporter of special needs cats or brand new to the world of disabled kitties, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a blind cat among the ranks of the deaf, epileptic, or Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats up for adoption.  Whether they’ve lost their vision due to an injury or a genetic predisposition to blindness, … Read more

Spot Cat UTI Symptoms Early: How to Maintain Urinary Health in Cats

cat uti symptoms

If you suspect your kitty is suffering from a urinary tract infection, there are certain signs in your cat’s behavior that are easy to spot. What are cat UTI symptoms? The most common cat UTI symptoms include difficult or frequent urination, changes in litter box habits, blood in the urine, and behavioral changes. These symptoms … Read more

What to Feed Stray Cats in Your Backyard That Need Help

What to feed stray cats

With a 32 million stray and feral cat population in the United States, chances are you’ve met a few free-roaming felines in your backward. One of the most effective ways you can get involved with community cats is to trap, neuter, release, and feed them. But what to feed stray cats in order to be … Read more

How Heavy Should My Cat Be, Is My Cat Fat?

How heavy should my cat be or is my cat fat?

Although we fondly call big kitties “chunks” and fawn over their tubby tummies both in our living rooms and on Instagram and TikTok, we don’t always pause to think and ask ourselves: how heavy should my cat be?  Generally speaking, a healthy weight for cats ranges between 7 to 12 pounds. As devoted cat parents, … Read more

13 Weird Cat Breeds We’re Obsessed With

Weird cats

When dog people talk about dogs, they always talk about breeds – “my friend’s Goldendoodle”, or “her new Beagle puppy”. Cat people, on the other hand, we just talk about cats. Obsessively. We especially love cat memes and weird cats. Among the 73 recognized cat breeds, there are tons of unusual-looking felines. Here are some … Read more