10 Best Cat Water Fountains [Review]

Water is essential for all living creatures, but this is especially true for cats because cats can get easily dehydrated. Having a cat water fountain in your home for your cat can help prevent dehydration.
Water fountains for cats encourage cats to drink water regularly throughout the day. To help you determine which cat water fountain is best for your cat we’ve found ten of the best cat water fountains, plus four creative alternatives. 

Our 10 top picks for best cat water fountains

  1. Flower Pet Fountain by Catit – our top pick!
  2. Cat Mate Pet Fountain
  3. Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain
  4. Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain
  5. Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain by PetSafe
  6. Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Drinking Fountain
  7. Veken Pet Fountain
  8. Orsda Stainless Steel Cat Fountain
  9. Yil Ceramic Cat Water Fountain
  10. URPower Pet Automatic Cat Fountain

The best cat water fountains

Our choices for the best cat water fountain are listed below with in-depth reviews and explanations. If you want to learn more about what to look for in a cat water fountain and why it’s a good choice for keeping your cat well hydrated and healthy, read on below the cat water fountain reviews.

1. Catit Cat Water Fountain – our top pick!

The Flower Pet Fountain from Catit is as cute as can be. It’s designed with a green base and flower fountain where the water streams from. It’s an innovative design that should encourage your feline friend to rehydrate more.

One of the best things about this fountain is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise. When full, it sounds like a bubbling brook. It’s also customizable—you can choose between three settings. These range from a gentle flow or bubbling stream to a faucet-like run. This makes it perfect for just about any cat preference.

Catit Cat Water Fountain


  • Eye-catching design
  • Three water flow settings
  • Triple-action filtration system
  • Bowl-less, so less chance of bacterial buildup
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Plastic

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Keeping the water clean is a triple-action filter. This filter removes a variety of impurities, including calcium, magnesium, debris, and odor. What’s more, because of its bowl-less design, there’s less chance of bacteria accumulating at the top.

What attracted us to this fountain (besides the adorable flower design), is that it’s easy to assemble and disassemble. You can quickly take it apart to do a thorough cleaning. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and stands steadily on the floor.

2. Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The pet fountain from Cat Mate is a carefully designed option. It comes with a quiet I.P.S. (Isolated Pump System) motor to maximize its appeal. This option can hold approximately 70 fluid ounces of water.

With an impressive multi-level design, this fountain has several drinking spots for picky cats. As the water flows through to the top, it’s naturally oxygenated, supplying your kitty with cool water all day.

Cat Mate Pet Water Fountain


  • Naturally oxygenates the water through its multi-level design
  • Materials are dishwasher safe
  • Straightforward to disassemble
  • Polymer-carbon filter


  • The pump creates a hum, which may annoy some people
  • Plastic

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Cleaning this fountain is a breeze—but you need to do it regularly since it’s made from plastic. The materials are dishwasher safe (follow the dishwasher instructions). You can quickly take it apart to ensure every nook and cranny gets clean.

Included is also a polymer-carbon filter cartridge, which purifies the water from debris and odors. Cat Mate makes sure that replacement filters are easily available.

3. Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain

For larger cats or multiple-cat households, consider the Drinkwell 360 pet fountain from PetSafe. This is significantly larger than the two previous ones. It has a water capacity of 1 gallon and is recommended for several cats under 60 pounds.

This fountain is stainless steel and comes with a submersible pump that’s whisper-silent. The outlet at the top provides a calm stream that your kitties have access to from all angles.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain


  • Large water capacity—excellent for several cats to share
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rubber feet to prevent sliding


  • Includes several parts, which can be time-consuming to clean
  • The high pump speed is loud

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The stainless steel makes it easy to keep clean. Bacteria find it harder to settle and create a biofilm. Plus it is dishwasher safe. All you do is remove the pump, disassemble the fountain and place it in the machine for a thorough cleaning.

On the fountain, there’s a receiving ramp and adjustable flow control. This reduces splashing—unless your cat decides to bat at the water! Rubber feet prevent it from sliding across the floor.

4. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Water Fountain

If you’re looking for something subtle and unique, the Pioneer pet fountain from SmartCat is worth a look. This is a raindrop design that’s pretty compact but can hold a lot of water. It’s available in two sizes: 60 or 96 ounces, which should be enough water for one or two cats.

Made of stainless steel, this fountain minimizes bacterial buildup and biofilm from accumulating. It has a small pump that continuously supplies your cat with fresh water. You can clean the fountain in the dishwasher, just remove the pump beforehand.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Water Fountain


  • Unique raindrop design
  • Compact with a high water capacity
  • A breeze to clean and keep sanitary
  • Replaceable charcoal filter
  • Made of stainless steel


  • Could be more durable
  • May emit a plastic-like odor—clean before use

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Cleaning this fountain is a breeze—but you need to do it regularly since it’s made from plastic. The materials are dishwasher safe (follow the dishwasher instructions). You can quickly take it apart to ensure every nook and cranny gets clean.

Included is also a polymer-carbon filter cartridge, which purifies the water from debris and odors. Cat Mate makes sure that replacement filters are easily available.

5. Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

Last, we have a ceramic cat water fountain from PetSafe. This futuristic fountain looks like a UFO. It’s capable of holding up to 70 ounces of water and comes with a low-voltage submersible pump. It will continuously pull the water through, encouraging your cat to drink.

The water continues to circulate through a carbon, coconut shell filter. This protects the pump from debris and pet fur, extending its lifespan. This filter also removes impurities and improves the taste of the water.

Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Cat Water Fountain


  • Contemporary design—4 colors available to choose from
  • Includes a low-voltage pump
  • It comes with a carbon, coconut filter
  • Multiple drinking areas


  • May be too loud for some
  • Hard to assemble

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A great aspect of this fountain is how quiet it is. Not only does it look serene, but it produces a soothing whisper-quiet sound, like a small stream. You can choose between four colors, depending on your home decor.

Because it has two drinking areas it’s suitable for various kitties and works great for multi-cat households. Appeals to young kittens and senior cats.

6. Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Drinking Fountain

This double-decker square-shaped water fountain looks like it was plucked from the gardens of an elegant courtyard. Unlike other fountains, this stylish Multi-Tier Cat Drinking Fountain from Drinkwell merges art with the function of an automatic fountain.

Fresh water cascades from one basin to the next with the quiet hum of the motor. The constant cycling prevents bacterial growth, while the built-in carbon filter screens out common contaminants and chemicals like chlorine and pesticides.

It’s a cinch to separate the dishwasher-safe basins making it easy to clean this fountain on a regular basis. The crevice-free design of the tiers prevents any bacteria or goop from building up.

The open style and low height of this fountain is appealing to older cats and cats who don’t like drinking from spout-style fountains. This also means that even if you lose power, your kitty is still able to drink from it.

Try recreating that stunning garden courtyard aesthetic we mentioned above by setting this up on a catio surrounded by cat-safe flowers!

Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat Drinking Fountain


  • Easy to clean basins with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Quiet motor and pump
  • Built-in and easy to replace carbon filter
  • Cats drink the water even if it’s not plugged in


  • Made from plastic
  • Some cat parents have had the motor die after a year or less
  • Needs frequent cleaning
  • Difficult to disassemble and clean pump

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7. Veken Pet Fountain

When it comes to hydration, everything is coming up roses with this flowery Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain!

Crafted from sturdy resin, this water fountain features a cheerful daisy-shaped spout that releases a gentle stream of water from each “petal.”

This fountain is built with a triple-filtration system that uses a layer of activated charcoal to remove chlorine and heavy metals. The cotton filter traps any rogue hairs that could otherwise muck up your kitty’s pristine water bowl. (We’re looking at you, long-haired cats!)

This fountain’s motor is quiet enough for even the most skittish cats. It’s one of the more adaptable fountains, featuring both running streams of water from the flower petals and a dish of “still” water for cats who prefer more of a drinking bowl.

Veken’s Automatic Cat Water Fountain also comes equipped with a special feature: a bright blue psychedelic no-slip silicone mat to catch any spills or splatter.

Veken Pet Fountain


  • Triple-filtration cleans water and traps hair
  • Cats can drink from the stream or the dish
  • Easy to assemble, change filters, and clean
  • Affordable
  • Quiet motor


  • Made from plastic
  • Some cat parents had the motor die in less than a year
  • Some cats don’t like the shape of the water spout

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8. Orsda Stainless Steel Cat Fountain

Woah! Has your kitty been zapped into the newest sci-fi universe? Are they about to start their starring role as Jones in an Alien reboot?!

Well… not quite. But with this automatic fountain, we don’t blame you for thinking that! Orsda’s Stainless Steel Cat Fountain is so sleek, silvery, and seamless that it may have well jumped straight from the sci-fi big screen into your kitchen.

The simple basin-style design of this cat fountain makes it an ideal choice for felines who are opposed to drinking from waterfalls or high stream style spouts.

The triple-filtration system ensures that your kitty’s water stays as fresh (and safe) as possible, with filters that are easy to replace when needed.

Although this fountain is more expensive than some other models, it’s also built from stronger materials, has a virtually noiseless motor and pump, and comes with extra features and products, including a set of cleaning brushes, six replacement filters, and a no-slip mat to catch any water spills.

Orsda Cat Fountain


  • Extremely quiet motor and pump
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel build
  • Easy to change filter


  • Multicat homes need to refill several times a day
  • Removing the lid to refill is messy and awkward
  • Premium price

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9. Yil Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

If you’re not keen on plastic or stainless steel fountains, try out this ceramic water dispenser from Yil.

This simply designed and sturdily built automatic water fountain resembles a typical round water dish, but with the added benefit of circulation and filtration. The lack of edges or corners makes this easier to clean than some of the more unusually shaped or multi-tiered fountains. There’s less of a chance of bacteria building up in this bowl.

As with many of the other cat drinking fountains, this model comes outfitted with a dual-filtration system consisting of a carbon and mesh-cotton filter to soften the water, improve taste, and remove chemicals and contaminants.

Low and easy to access, this automatic fountain also has a low spout, making this an appealing choice for senior cats and cats who don’t like drinking from high waterfall style fountains.

Ceramic Cat Fountain


  • Made from ceramic
  • Simple design
  • Dual-filtration system
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs cleaning and a new filter every week
  • Louder motor than other fountains
  • Pump is fussy and doesn’t always work
  • Premium price

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10. URPower Pet Automatic Cat Fountain

Everyone knows one of those cats who frequently plunks their furry butt into the kitchen or bathroom sink to drink straight from the tap.

URPower Pet’s Automatic Cat Fountain is tailor-made for those shameless felines. In fact, many cat parents report that their kitties start drinking from this fountain straightaway.

The unique design of this fountain consists of a towering spout with an adjustable flow and an oblong basin. The height of the tower appeals to your kitty’s desire to drink from faucets, while the bottom basin of circulating water is great for cats who prefer to not drink from a running stream.

The bottom basin is large enough to catch any splattering water if you have a kitty who enjoys waving their paws through the stream of running water.

An easy to replace four-part filtration system includes carbon, cotton, coconut, and ion resin to screen out hair, bacteria, chemicals, and contaminants. Changing these filters every two weeks is an easy process, as is assembling and disassembling the spout and basin to clean the fountain.

URPower Automatic Cat Water Fountain


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Cleaning it and changing the filter is easy
  • Quadruple-filtration system
  • Wide basin prevents splashes and water spills
  • Many cats start drinking from it right away
  • Affordable


  • The water can’t fall below a certain level or the motor will burn out
  • May not be big enough for multicat households
  • Louder than some other fountains

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cat water fountain Catit

Why you’ll want a cat water fountain

Unlike other animals, like dogs, cats don’t have a naturally high thirst drive (1). A low thirst drive means cats don’t feel thirsty very often, no wonder the water bowl is always full! This is because, in the wild, cats get up to 80% of their water intake from the animals they prey on.

Most domesticated kitties eat a man-made diet which often includes dry cat food. This is just one of the reasons we recommend incorporating wet cat food into your kitties diet. This low thirst drive in cats can be frustrating for pet-parents who are struggling to keep their cat hydrated.

Not getting enough water can result in various health issues for your cat. The most dangerous is dehydration. But your kitty could also develop urinary tract crystals or constipation. Among other complications (2).

So, why doesn’t your cat drink from its water bowl?

When looking at it from a cat’s point of view, water bowls aren’t that appealing. Instead of seeing a source of fresh, cool water, many see a bowl of bacteria—even if it came straight from a bottle.

In nature, cats see standing water as something that could make them very sick. This is why in the wild most cats drink from streams (3).

A cat water fountain, with its flow of circulating water, is the perfect solution. It simulates moving water and oxygenates it. This refreshes the taste and encourages your kitty to drink from it. A pet water fountain also keeps water cleaner longer.

Will my cat drink from a fountain?

As amazing as a fountain is, it’s not for every cat. Some still prefer their quiet water bowl where they can drink peacefully. Cats who eat mainly wet cat food, such as canned and homemade diets, might not need one since they get most of their daily dose of H2O from wet food.

Signs that your kitty might enjoy a water fountain include; drinking from a faucet, the toilet, or licking the tub after you’ve taken a shower. Also, if your cat’s diet consists mostly of dry foods, a water fountain is a good way to entice them to drink more (4).

Do cat water fountains need filters?

Most cat fountains come with a filter. This is to keep the water clean and to remove harmful substances like chlorine. There are usually two types of filtration systems:

  • Chemical filtration: Often called activated charcoal, which consists of carbon. It absorbs impurities and toxins. A carbon filter is safe for your cat, even if they tried to eat it. This filter usually comes as papers that you must replace every week or two.
  • Mechanical filtration: This type comes as a sponge sitting around the pump where the water passes through. They’re available in various sizes. How long they last depends on the brand and the quality of the filter.

That said, not all water fountains need a filter. If there’s no filtration system, you should be mindful of the water you use—make sure it’s safe to drink.

Non-filtered water fountains need frequent cleaning. Even though the water continuously moves, bacteria will build up. Make sure to clean your fountain once a week.

Cleaning your cat’s water fountain

Maintaining your cat fountain is imperative. Bacterial biofilm is a real health hazard for your cat. This thin layer of bacteria, called a bacterial biofilm, will settle on the inside of the fountain. It’s a slimy layer that forms as bacteria attach to a surface and tries to protect itself from cleaning agents (5).

It’s almost impossible to avoid due to the constant flow of microscopic particles from your cat’s saliva. The only way to prevent it is by frequent cleaning. Here’s how:

First, remove any food deposits from the water. Whenever you notice pieces of your cat’s last meal, use a spoon or other tool to remove it. This prevents any food particles from feeding bacteria.

Second, change the water as often as possible. Some pet fountains claim you can go months between water changes. Avoid this! Change your cat’s water weekly.

If the fountain has crevices and corners, read the instructions on how to disassemble and clean it. Bacteria will settle in those nooks and contaminate the whole basin.

How to choose the best cat water fountain

Ready to get a pet water fountain? Wait! Review these important points before adding anything to your shopping cart.

Easy to assemble/disassemble

To make life easier, get a fountain that’s easy to assemble and disassemble. This type of water fountain usually has fewer moving parts and is safer for your cat. Look for a simple design and make sure it comes with instructions.

Ideally, fountains should be dishwasher safe. This way you’re sure it’s really clean and this also makes clean up less time-consuming.

Fountain size

Size is another essential consideration. How much water does your cat need? How big the fountain should be will depend on how big your kitty is and what their main diet is. If your cat needs more water, choose a bigger size.

For multi-cat households, you should buy larger fountains or more than one. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself refilling it several times daily.

Hygienic materials

Some materials, like plastic, are notorious for collecting bacteria. Plastic fountains require more frequent cleaning (6). The best water fountains to look for are those made from stainless steel or ceramic. These are easy to clean and bacteria are less likely to settle.

Quality filters

High-quality water fountains come with a carbon filter. These are the best to look for since they capture small particles as well as trap odors (7).

You may also consider a prefilter. This is a small screen filter before the carbon filter. It captures large debris and prevents it from clogging up the pump. Prefilters extend the life of the water dispenser.


Motor noise can deter a timid cat from drinking from a fountain. Look for a quiet motor that can still provide a decent flow of water (8).

The best cat water fountain

Like people, cats need lots of water. In the wild, felines get most of their daily water intake from their diet. At home cats need encouragement and helpful tools. Cat water fountains are a fantastic solution to this issue as they continuously circulate water and keep it oxygenated.

The best cat water fountain, we’ve found so far, is the Flower Pet Fountain by Catit. Even though it’s plastic, it’s easy to disassemble and clean. There are minimal parts to worry about, and you can adjust the flow according to your kitty’s needs. It filters the water through a triple-action system, keeping it fresh for longer.


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