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Our Veterinary Experts

Kate Basedow LVT

Kate earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University. After graduating, her passion for animals led her to going back to school to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician in the state of New York. She has enjoyed working with cats through several of her jobs and is now the proud caretaker of a feisty rescue calico named Nilla.

Our Writers

Victoria Tomis

Victoria is a freelance journalist and a proud member of the global Cat Writers Association. Victoria is a cat enthusiast, Harry Potter superfan, vegan, and an avid tea drinker. She can often be found thrifting for books, enjoying the outdoors, and reading vintage detective novels alongside her 15-year-old rescue tabby Paco.

Ana Markovic

Ana is a freelance writer with a degree in English Literature. She writes on everything from pet care and sustainability to literature and design. Ana is passionate about animals, the environment, detective fiction, and chocolate. In her downtime, you’ll find her at the movies or hiking with friends.

Our Editors

Suzi Varin

Suzi began her career as a fine art photographer creating sought-after portraits on medium format film. She has been nominated by Martha Stewart Weddings as one of the Top Photographers in America. After many years as a successful photographer, she is now the Art Director at Lelu and Bobo. When not fine-tuning images for the site spends her time making art and savoring a cup of fine gyokuro tea.

Alina Prax

Alina has been writing & editing for various blogs since 2015. She is a passionate cat mama and proponent of adopting rescue cats from Austin Siamese Rescue where she is a volunteer. She is a lead contributing writer and editor for Lelu and Bobo.