The Basics of Clicker Training For Cats

clicker training for cats

There is a persistent myth that cats can’t be trained. In reality, training provides physical and mental stimulation and can be used to encourage behaviors and teach your cat fun tricks. So what exactly is clicker training for cats? Clicker training involves encouraging a specific behavior in your cat and rewarding them with a food … Read more

What Are Cat Love Bites?

cat love bites

As a cat owner, you’ve been in this situation plenty of times: you’re petting your purring, content cat absent-mindedly when all of a sudden you get nipped! Cats can bite for various reasons, but what are cat love bites? Cat love bites happen during petting sessions, and cats use them to signal you that it’s … Read more

Creative Cat Enrichment Ideas for Indoor Kitties

cat enrichment

Indoor cats need more than food and shelter to lead happy and healthy lives. The best way to ensure your furry friends don’t get bored or stressed is through cat enrichment. Cat enrichment involves creating a stimulating environment for your kitty by engaging all of their senses. Cats have certain behaviors and needs. Giving them … Read more

What Smells Do Cats Hate? Here Are 26

what smells do cats hate

What smells do cats hate? From the spices in your kitchen to cleaning products in your pantry, to the run of the mill herbs and flowers in your garden, there are items all over your house that your cat most likely detests. One of the most universally hated scents? Lavender! Cats have a very strong … Read more

Cat Spraying: Why Do Cats Do It and How to Stop a Cat From Spraying

cat spraying

Scent marking, otherwise known as cat spraying, is a common concern among unneutered cats. But why do cats spray, what else could cause a cat to start spraying? Other cats? Big life changes? Something else altogether? We’ve all laugh-cringed at the memes, winced at the descriptive posts on online forums, and simultaneously shuddered and thanked … Read more

Why Do Cats Purr?

Why do cats purr?

Purring is one of the best sounds a cat parent can hear after a long day. But why do cats purr? Cats purr for many different reasons, including happiness and contentment, stress, sickness, and even hunger. Snuggling with your cat is one of the highlights of the day. Their purrs have a calming effect after … Read more