Maine coon cat kitten with tufted ears

Big Maine Coon Cat: Quirks & Facts

The official cat of the state of Maine, Maine Coon cats are recognizable for their brawny builds, Lynx-like tufted ears, furry paws, and shaggy coats. But don’t let their rugged appearance fool you. Maine Coon … Read more

chimera cat

The Two-Faced Chimera Cat

The chimera cat has possibly the most captivating look of all felines thanks to its two-colored coat. But what kind of a cat is a chimera cat exactly? Chimera cats have two sets of DNA, … Read more

lykoi cat

The Spellbinding Lykoi Cat Breed

Lykoi cats are a fascinating new breed introduced in 2011. These cats are living, breathing wolf cats, or more like werewolf cats. They’re the result of a naturally occurring mutation found in shorthairs. The mutation … Read more