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Gifts for a Festive Cat Christmas

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The holidays are here and we’re ready for some cheer. So we’ve turned our attention to finding the best cat Christmas gifts for our feline friends and the humans who are hopelessly devoted to them (like us!). From cat butt purses to Hogwarts catnip toys, here are 20 gift ideas to make #2020 the merriest, brightest Catmas yet!

Cat Christmas gifts for cat people

1. Christmas Cats Tree Skirt


Have yourself a meowy little Catmas with this festive tree skirt. Made from soft, polyester material, this 48” tree skirt is a fun and festive way to herald the holiday season with cats galore! Donning jolly Santa caps, cozy green scarves, and old-timey top hats, the clowder of cats on this tree skirt brings some serious purrsonality and character to your Christmas tree.

2. Calendars For a Cause: Rescue Cats 2021

Bright Day Calendars on Etsy

cat christmas

A 16-month calendar from Bright Day Calendars features cats who were adopted from open-admission shelters and rescues. As if seeing the photos and reading the stories about these resilient and extraordinary kitties isn’t enough, 15% of the proceeds from each calendar go to the nonprofit animal welfare organization Pet Connect. These funds help rescue more cats from overcrowded shelters and unnecessary euthanasia.

3. Cat Chaos Card Game

Brand: Ginger Fox

What do Luke Skywhisker, Hairy Pawter, and David Meowie have in common? These kooky kitties all appear in the absurd and hilarious Cat Chaos game. This card game feline-izes some of the most iconic figures in pop culture (hello, Mr. Meowgi!) and wields sharp, witty puns like it’s nobody’s business. Great for two or more players this fast-paced card game is a must for the cat lovers in your life.

cat christmas snow kitten

4. Cat Pattern Cotton Face Masks

Brand: California Tot

Let’s face it. Masks aren’t going away anytime soon. Instead of despairing over masking up, why not embrace it?! This two-pack of cotton face masks features cute rows of sketched kitties. Washable and soft, these masks cut down on single-use mask waste and make a fierce feline fashion statement. They’re available in children’s’ and adult sizes.

5. Merry Catmas Crew

What would be a merry Catmas without a signature holiday-inspired cat pullover?! This heather gray crew features a quirky illustration of a very festive (and irresistibly cheeky) bunch of felines, purrfect for cozy layering on these cold winter days! Available in unisex S – 2XL this Catmas pullover is made from a soft cotton-polyester blend.

cat christmas tree lights

6. Cat Print Reusable Shopping Bags

Brand: IFAVO

A set of six reusable shopping bags feature colorful and kitty prints. These lightweight, foldable bags are about the size of single-use plastic bags. They’re machine washable and super easy to travel with or to keep in your car. These are great to stash in your handbag, tote, or even your pocket, so you’re never stuck having to get environmentally harmful single-use plastic bags ever again.

7. Pusheen Donuts Card Holder 

Brand: Loungefly

A vegan leather card holder featuring one of the internets’ favorite cats– Pusheen! The chunky gray tabby is in her full glory here, munching on a pink sprinkled donut! Many of us are still homebound (or at least not traveling very far) so downgrading full-sized zip wallets to this smaller and more organized cardholder from Loungefly puts the fun back in functional. Loungefly is also known for the exceptional quality of their products, so you can take comfort in this being a sturdy and well-crafted addition to your collection of handbags and wallets.

8. Doodling for Cat People Book

Gemma Correll’s whimsically illustrated book, “Doodling for Cat People: 50 Inspiring Doodle Prompts and Creative Exercises for Cat People” deserves top billing on any feline enthusiasts holiday wish list! This cute and quirky book is purrfect for both experienced artists, the art-curious, or the intensely devoted cat lover in your life. This part book, part DIY experience is especially great for cozying up on dark and cold winter nights this holiday season.

9. Puppykitty NYC Logo Hoodie

PKNYCity on Etsy

cat christmas

The New York City-based nonprofit rescue Puppykitty NYC was founded in 2014 with the mission to get abandoned, sick, and injured cats off city streets and into warm and loving homes. The all-volunteer organization continues to save countless cats with their dedicated network of fosters, grant writers, NYPD officers, and veterinarians. All of the proceeds from PKNYC’s official shop go towards caring for these sick and injured cats, and PKNYC’s fight to curb feline overpopulation in the city.


10. Cat Butt Coin Purse 

Brand: Blue Q

Gag gifts are a must for any stocking stuffer. This double-sided zippered coin purse is no exception. It features a field guide to CAT BUTTS. If you didn’t know the difference between a Persian bum and a Siamese bum this cheeky accessory will enlighten you. Fashioned from sturdy recycled plastic this generously sized coin purse is large enough to comfortably hold folded cash, your license, and your other most commonly used credit, debit, and membership cards.

cat christmas snow angel

Christmas gifts for cats

11. Wizarding School Acceptance Letter Catnip Toy

House Cat Club on Etsy

cat christmas

These handcrafted organic catnip toys are made from eco-friendly felt (it’s even made from 100% recycled materials!) and premium organic catnip. Shaped like a Hogwarts acceptance letter, these inspired cat toys are a great way to share your geeky love of all things Harry Potter with your own Hairy Pawter or Hermeownie Granger! (Or your Potterhead friend’s kitty companions!).

12. Cat-Headed Scratcher Bed

Brand: Necoichi

Crafted from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic cornstarch-based glue, this cat scratcher-bed hybrid is unlike any other. For one, it’s playfully shaped like a big kitty head! For another, the sturdy corrugated cardboard makes it an appealing place for you cat to both curl up for a long snooze when they’re sleeping. Or, unleash their claws on (sparing your furniture) when they’re feeling particularly energized. The trendily designed bed-scratcher fits in well with modern home decor and is available in medium and large sizes.

13. Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Brand: URPOWER Pet

Water is the most essential nutrient for all cats. It’s vital to keep your kitty hydrated and their metabolism, brain, and body functions in order. Cats can be finicky about how they drink their water, and many cats shun water that sits out in their bowls for long periods. Enter this very functional automatic cat water fountain gift! This circulates your cat’s water throughout the day, keeping it fresher and making it more attractive to your kitty. Pro tip: be sure to always use clean, filtered water, and change your cat’s water at least twice a day.

14. Vital Cat Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Cat Treats

Why limit stocking stuffers for your kitty companion to yet another boring package of catnip mice? Spice up your cat’s stocking haul with these single-ingredient, high protein morsels. Made from only wild-caught, USA-sourced Alaskan salmon, these savory treats make for a healthy indulgence. Free from gluten, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or fillers, visions of these wholesome freeze-dried treats might just be dancing through your kitty’s head this holiday season!

cat christmas snow tabby

15. Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit 

cat christmasLooking for a truly unique gift for the favorite kitty in your life? Basepaw’s “cat kits” are the 23 and Meow of the very trendy at-home DNA test kits. But it’s not just the novelty value of seeing what breeds might be hidden in the genes of your beloved rescued or adopted kitty… Basepaws is also on a mission to untangle the mysteries of feline DNA. With every cat DNA test kit they decode Basepaws discovers more about disease and health conditions in cats, and how to best improve feline medicine. Check out our full review of Basepaws Cat DNA Tests.

16. Pumpkin Pie Catnip Toy 

House Cat Club on Etsy

cat christmasNothing screams “holidays!” quite as much as a tasty slab of pumpkin pie. And now, your beloved kitty can get on the scrumptious fun. Although these toys aren’t edible, they are made from eco-friendly recycled felt, and contain potent American-grown organic catnip. Adorably designed and carefully sewn, these handcrafted cat toys are a great way to spread holiday cheer to your favorite feline.

17. Deluxe Window Sill Cat Perch 

Brand: K & H Pet Products

This cat lounger, or hammock, can be mounted onto window sills to give your indoor cat a comfy place to observe the outside world around them. The fleece-covered memory foam window seat is soft and warm. It’s also sturdy enough to hold up to 40lbs, making it suitable for multi-cat households, or larger sized cats (like Maine Coons). If you want to add a more interactive element to this purrfect gift, try hanging a bird feeder outside the window, so your cats can watch the neighborhood squirrels and birds.

cat christmas catnip

18. Organic Catnip

Looking for one last stocking stuffer for your feline family member? You can’t go wrong with a pouch of USA-grown organic catnip! This USDA-certified catnip is grown without any pesticides or chemicals and contains no filler ingredients– just pure, potent, catnip!

19. Elevated Cat Bowl

Brand: Y YHY

This ceramic elevated cat dish doesn’t just look elegant. It’s also designed to help feed your kitty on a biological level! The carefully calculated height and angled tilt of this cat bowl makes it easy for your kitty to eat without straining their neck or hunching down too low. This reduces vomiting or regurgitation and makes for better digestion. Plus it looks super fancy! And what cat doesn’t like fancy?

20. Reversible Fleece Cat Print Blanket 

Brand: Feb.7

This double-sided fleece blanket brings ultimate warm and fuzzy vibes to any situation. One side of this reversible blanket is super soft microfleece, while the other side is fluffier sherpa style fleece, making this the perfect snuggle weather blanket for you and your kitty. The black and white cat print design is cute, subtle, and even a little elegant. This blanket is machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer when it needs to be refreshed.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a practical gift giver or someone who prefers fun and spontaneity, there’s a cat Christmas gift here for you and your loved ones! From highly-rated automatic water fountains to sweatshirts that support the efforts of nonprofit cat rescues we’ve got a holiday gift for every cat, cat person, and budget! Meowy Catmas, friends!

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