25 Best Cat Costumes for Halloween [Scary Cute!]

October is here, witches! You know what that means: Hocus Pocus movie marathons, pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween costumes! Your feline familiar can get in the spooky spirit with these 25 cat costumes. Whether they’re all about the boos or are a total scaredy-cat, we’ve got a cat costume for them! We also include some tips on how to make your cat costume if you’re on a budget.

1. Dinosaur Cat Costume

Dinosaur Design

Dinosaur eats man, and cat inherits the earth? Checks out to us! Whether your kitty is fierce or just a big mush, she can rock this dinosaur costume. The easy button snap closures make it a cinch to dress up your Clever Girl on Halloween (and for Jurassic Park marathons!)

2. Prisoner Cat Costume


Are you living with a mischievous meow? Caught them red-pawed setting up the family dog to take the fall for their crimes one too many times? Don’t let them get away with it! This black and white classic prisoner garb cat costume will do the trick. It’s so cute it should be illegal!

3. Bat Wing Costume


What says “Halloween” better than a big bat? Well. Ok. A LOT of things. But this batwing cat costume is one of them! If your kitty companion is an (already) witchy black cat, these wings will look exceptionally spooktacular on them! It’s sold in small, medium, and large sizes.

4. Banana Cat Costume


Are none of the creepy Halloween cat costumes a-peel-ing to your kitty companion? Forget the fangs, and let’s go bananas. Literally! This kooky look is fruity in all the best ways. Made from super soft and lightweight cotton, this banana hat has an adjustable chin strap to fit all kitties.

5. Bunny Cat Costume


Aunt Clara may have questionable taste in Christmas gifts. Still, there’s one thing we can’t deny about the bunny onesie she gives her nephew Ralphie in ‘A Christmas Story’: it’s hilarious. Now with this gag cat costume, you can cat-ify the campy, hot pink nightmare of a gift.

6. Peacock Cat Costume 


Flamboyant felines can shake a tail feather in this fresh and fierce peacock cat costume! With two parts, a stretchy peacock bodysuit and a fabric and velcro peacock head hat. This cat costume isn’t for the faint of heart!

7. Pizza Cat Costume

Rubie’s Costume Company

Pizza Rat, who? Don’t let those rodents get all the fun! Your kitty can channel their inner slice in this hilarious pizza costume. This cheesy look is especially good for chonky cats who love to lounge around. The stretchy bodysuit comes in sizes small to extra-large.

8. Lion Cat Costume

OMG Adorables 

Crank up the Circle of Life and summon up your Warthog and Meerkat pals because your kitty is about to unleash their inner ‘Lion King’! With its fluffy, bushy mane and plush ears, this lion hat costume is wildly adorable. Bonus points if your kitty’s name is Simba or Nala!

9. Chewnel Paris #5 Dress

Barks First Avenue 

funniest cat costumesAre you living with a chic cat? Indulge their fine feline fashion with this take on haute couture brand Chanel. Anything but a faux paw, this stretchy, fabric, one-piece dress features dainty bow decorations and plenty of ruffles. It’s available in sizes small to extra-large to fit kitties of all bodies.

10. Cat in The Hat Cat Costume

Patrikka (on Etsy)

cat ear costumesDr. Seuss’s Cat is a sassy, rascally fellow who is merely full of tuxie-tude. With this hand-knit ‘Cat in the Hat,’ um, hat, your tuxedo cat sidekick can steal the Halloween show!

11. Avocado Cat

Tickety Bootique (on Etsy)

funniest cat costumesAvocado or Avocato? The trendy superfood makes for a very on-trend costume. And you don’t even need to mask up to take a trip to your local grocery store! Handcrafted from lightweight felt, this meme-worthy avocado cat costume is sold on Etsy!


12. Cowboy Cat Costume


Howdy, pawtner! Dress your little cowpoke up as the cutest, furriest, rootin’ tootin’ pistol-packing pussy cat in the wild west. Cowhide chaps, a red bandana, and a wide-brimmed rodeo hat tie together this quintessential cowboy cat costume look.

13. Witch Cat Costume


Did someone say Hairy Pawter? Or maybe your feline friend is more of a Hermione Granger? With this traditional witchy robe and black pointed hat, your cat can join in on the wizarding world fun! Who says cosplay (and the Potterhead community) is just for humans?!

14. Halloween Bat Costume


Fancy your feline an extra in the Halloween cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas? Gussy them up in this very Tim Burton cat costume! The little pumpkin choker is off the charts cute and will have you and all your friends voting to make them the next Halloween Town mayor!


15. Shark Hat Cat Costume

Tickety Bootique (on Etsy)

halloween cat costumes for catsDuuunn dun… duuunn dun… dun dun dun dun. JAWS! Steven Spielberg’s famous killer shark makes for a killer Halloween costume for your kitty companion! Designed by an independent artist on Etsy, this show-stopping, handcrafted felt shark hat is impossible to ignore.

16. Unicorn Cat Costume


Forget My Little Pony. This Halloween, we’re all about My Little Caticorn! Is your kitty some kind of magic? Show off their inner (and outer!) sparkle when you plop this majestic unicorn hat on their cute little head. The plush gold horn and rainbow mane make this magical look catstagram-worthy.

17. Sailor Cat Costume


Hello, Sailor! Whether your kitty dreams of sailing the seven seas, or just dreams of all-you-can-eat seafood buffets, they can wear this charming seafaring get-up. Beyond Halloween, the vintage anchor embroidered cap and bowtie collar in this costume make for purrfect accessories for your kitty’s next catsagram photoshoot!

18. Granny Hair Curlers Cat Costume

Patrikka (on Etsy) 

cat ear costumesYou love your Nana (you know, the one with that to-die-for chocolate chip cookie recipe and hair for days). You love your cat (duh). So what can be better than a NANA-cat?! This hand-crocheted granny hair cat costume is adorable and one-of-a-kind, JUST like your nana and kitty!

19. Spider Cat Costume


Does your cat want to get in on the dance party action when you’re grooving to Spooky Scary Skeletons for the hundredth time? This creepy-crawly spider cat costume is just the thing to let them celebrate the spooky spirit of the Halloween season!

20. Slice Of Bread Collar Costume


Is your kitty the greatest thing since sliced bread? Or are they just sliced bread? This off-beat cat costume takes the phrases “kneady” and “loafing” around to a rye (or is it wry?) new level. (PS. Sorry about the stale bread jokes. You and your cat deserve butter).


21. Festive Halloween Cat Costume


Are you looking to pull out all the bells and whistles? This colorful Halloween cat collar is all treats and no tricks. The mesh ribbons in classic orange and black taper off into tiny fabric jack o’ lanterns. An orange witches hat with a spiderweb and bat design tops off this iconic look!

22. Donut Cat Costume 

Tickety Bootique (on Etsy)

funniest cat costumesCutesy costume lovers with a sweet tooth will adore this pink sprinkled donut cat costume. This deliciously detailed and adorkable handcrafted lightweight felt hat is also purrfect for photoshoots beyond the Halloween season!

23. Bumblebee Cat Costume


cat costumes for catsAll in a tizzy about what cat costume to get for your little honey? Don’t despair! This cuddly, plush bumblebee jumpsuit has us all abuzz! This soft, pom-pom antenna topped bee onesie is fitted with snap button closures and is one size fits most.


24. Pirate Hat Cat Costume

Patrikka (on Etsy)

cat halloween costumesIs your cat a particularly roguish scallywag? Then this pirate hat cat costume is the look for them! Crocheted with felt and wool yarn, this skull, and crossbones pirate hat will have you and your kitty singing spooky sea shanties all Halloween night!

25. Pumpkin Cat Costume


Your little pumpkin can rock this gourd-eous cat costume while you cozy up together to watch ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.’ After the movie, you might just parade your great pumpkin kitty all around the house! The fabric is flexible, and the hat adjustable for cats of all sizes.

How do you make a cat costume?

‘Relax My Cat’, has two very easy cat costumes you can make at home. Learn how to make a bat costume and fancy cape.

If your cat is unhappy wearing a costume do not force them to wear one for Halloween. Have your dog wear a costume instead. They may be more willing to pose for online costume contests.

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From pirates to pizzas, and spiders to sailors and everything in between, these purrsonality packed cat costumes are all treats and no tricks! So crank up your favorite Halloween playlist, grab those fun-sized candy bars (and catnip mice), and let’s purrty!


Victoria Tomis