One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel [Review]

Whether your indoor kitty has extra energy to burn or your cat is obese, a cat exercise wheel is worth considering. They come in various sizes and treads, so how do you choose the best one for your feline friend?

The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel has many benefits for indoor cats that need to burn off extra energy or shed a few pounds. We’ll focus on why it may help obese cats lose weight, overall features, and alternatives to help you make an educated decision.

Is it worth the hype? Let’s find out.

These 8 features are worth calling out and check out this video of the Bengal on the wheel:

  1. Hubless design
  2. Recycled materials
  3. Cat-safe padding
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Large wheel for big kitties
  6. Cat-powered
  7. Well-thought-out packaging


One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel - Green

  • Modified rollerblade wheels, offering higher stability
  • Comfortable, padded lining, making it easier to walk and stop
  • Suitable for any cat up to 25 pounds
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of 100 percent recycled plastic


  • May be difficult to assemble
  • The lining is susceptible to scratches
  • The plastic is cheap, and some points may be flimsy
  • Unstable on some types of flooring

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Super fast bengal cat on his one fast cat wheel

Things to consider before buying a cat exercise wheel

Are you new to this product and need some quick criteria before reviewing cat exercise wheels online? These are the areas you should consider as the size of your cat makes a difference:


Your cat runs in short bursts when hunting. No matter how big or small, all cats have this innate hunting behavior, so an exercise wheel is appropriate for every breed. Yet some brands are better for cats with a smaller frame.

Exercise wheels come in a wide variety of sizes. It’s essential to find one that can accommodate your kitty’s dimensions so they can walk comfortably.

If you have a big kitty, make sure there’s room for the wheel in your home. Some options can get quite big and are unsuitable for small apartments.


The wheel should be durable enough to accommodate your cat’s weight. Beware, there are flimsy options that can be dangerous if a heavy cat uses it.

You generally have three materials to choose from: wood, metal, and plastic.

Plastic is often favored since it’s lightweight, but metal is by far the sturdiest.


If you live in an apartment, noise can become an issue, and exercise wheels aren’t quiet.

Another problem is noisy wheels can scare off timid kitties.

Manufacturers don’t mention anything about the noise, so you will need to weigh this against how sound-sensitive your cat is before purchasing it.

Running surface lining

The material lining of the running surface should be comfortable for your cat to use. It should also allow them to create friction with their claws to run as naturally as possible.

An excellent material to look for is EVA foam. It’s easy to keep clean, comfortable, and safe. The EVA foam will prevent claws from catching and allow cats to run naturally using their nails for secure footing.

cat treadmill

Senior cats

Before splurging on anything, consider your cat’s personality and abilities.

Senior or arthritic cats often have reduced mobility and may not be able to use an exercise wheel. Instead, try an interactive cat toy like the Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy, where they can “chase” balls in the three-level track.

If a cat treadmill isn’t for your kitty, try a toy like the PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser. This may help your kitty reach their daily exercise goal and rewards them with treats.

Everything you need to know about the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

What it promises

The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel provides a large turning wheel for your kitty to exercise on. It claims to offer a rewarding experience for your kitty as it satisfies your cat’s hunting instincts when they chase prey.

How it compares to other ‘similar’ products

Compared to other models, such as the Cat Exercise Wheel Petsmart, it’s clear that it’s more sturdy.

A similar option would be the Go Cat Wheel. They share some resemblance, but the base of the Go Cat Wheel is made from wood, making it a bit heavier.


Trainable cat breeds

The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel claims it’s suitable for any kitty with lots of energy to burn and those who are easy to train and motivate.

It also mentions a few favorable breeds, which include Bengals, Sphynx, and Persians.

The manufacturer advises against purchasing this if you’re not willing to train your kitty. Like other wheels, it requires time to get used to. If it’s your cat’s first time using exercise equipment, they’ll need guidance and lots of motivation. You’ll want to have their favorite treats or some tasty raw kibble bits on hand.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel, with Customer Videos

Features and benefits

The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel has a lot to offer cats up to 22 pounds. To help you make a decision, check out these features and benefits:

Hubless design

One of the first things you’ll notice about this wheel is its hubless design, also called an orbital wheel design.

Instead of a center spoke supporting it, this innovative design has the wheel sitting on top of four little rollers. These provide support as well as stability while your kitty runs.

The main hub is designed to sit down into the base along the tracks on its racks. They also use flat roller blade wheels that ensure maximum contact between the main hub and the rollerblade wheels.

For safety and extra stability, the four rollers sit encapsulated in a plastic cover. Your kitty can’t get their paws stuck as they run.

Compared to others, it’s much lighter because there are fewer parts, and the rollers provide optimal stability. It also presents your kitty with two exit points.

Recycled materials

We always look for recycled materials, and one of the more significant issues we’re facing is plastic waste when it comes to many pet products. One Fast Cat made the Cat Exercise Wheel from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Although not as durable as metal, it’s capable of holding up to 22 pounds worth of kitty chub.

Another benefit of the materials is that they make the wheel lightweight, and it’s easy to move around without straining your back.

Cat-safe padding

The run surface consists of closed-cell EVA foam, which not only offers padding but helps your kitty as they run in short bursts.

The material prevents your cat’s claws from catching, which could cause an accident. It allows them to run naturally by using their claws to create a safe footing.


The exercise wheel will need cleaning, but this is where the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel has some advantages.

Others are often heavy and difficult to move around, but you can quickly bring this to the garden or bathroom to hose off.

For daily cleaning, simply use a wet towel and wipe it down. The EVA foam is smooth, making it easy to clean.

Large wheel for ‘big’ kitties up to 22 pounds

Although the wheel won’t take them on new outdoor adventures, its large size gives them room to stretch their legs.

The wheel measures 46 inches in diameter. This also suggests it’s suitable for large breeds up to 22 pounds.

The wheel may not be suitable in small homes, and you’ll need to find an appropriate place to store this wheel when it’s not being used.


Your kitty will get loads of exercise treading this wheel. It doesn’t have a motor or other powering aid to make it turn. Instead, it’s powered by your cat’s short bursts of energy.

One Fast Cat can help obese cats lose extra pounds. It may also help to get a bored feline out of their funk if they need some enrichment on a day when you’re busy.

It also creates a stimulating environment for your kitty that could strengthen your relationship. By keeping them entertained, there’s less time for destructive behavior, like scratching the furniture.

Packaging is compact

The packaging is very well thought out. It comes in a compact bundle, but it’s the box that caught our attention.

Most cats love boxes! The manufacturer included outlines to cut out holes in the cardboard box for your little furry ‘helper.’ This keeps them entertained while you’re assembling the product. They may even continue using it as their hiding place.

cat wheel

Cat exercise wheel reviews by cat parents

To make sure the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is worth the hype, we checked out what One Fast Cat customers had to say:

Very hesitant, but so glad I did!
“I have two indoor cats that are a little on the heavier side and not a very big home for them to run around in. $200.00 was a lot of money to throw at something I had NO idea if it would work. I took a chance and one of my girls LOVES it! Walking, jogging, sitting, she’s on it all the time! If anyone is curious about how I did it, it was a slow-ish process but worked.”  Anon. Reviewed on

Happy Kitty kids = Happy Life!
“We are just hitting our two-year mark with purchasing our One Fast Cat wheel in early 2018. We have several of our own cats and do foster volunteer work with one of our local non-profit kitten/cat rescue groups. (So the wheel sees daily use, several times a day at times.) Our kitty kids love their wheel!” Michael S. · Reviewed on

Bengal loves the cat wheel
“We have a Bengal and an Egyptian Mau. They are both highly intelligent – yet in different ways. The Bengal started running on this the moment we set it up. We held a treat out to get her onto the wheel. Within 30 minutes she was walking on the wheel herself.” Jennifer · Reviewed on

Check out the Bad Cat Family’s journey using the exercise wheel:

IS IT WORTH IT?: Tried the one fast cat wheel for a full year

Check out some of these super-fast cats!

Watch the Colossal Cats’ Maine coons’ experience with the wheel:

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel; Colossal Cats Maine Coons

Last, watch AShogunNamedDavidTV’s kitties have a turn on the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel:

The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel Unboxing & Setup


Cat exercise wheels aren’t for every kitty. For some parents, they’re also too pricey, and a good model will cost you over $100, so it’s not the most affordable gift for your feline ‘cousin’ or sibling.

Here are three cost-effective alternatives worth a try:

A DIY cat exercise wheel

If you’re DIY-savvy, a cat exercise wheel DIY project is a fantastic idea. You can customize it according to your kitty and home, even adding other features, like branches for climbing or a perch deck.

Before you head out to buy your supplies, here are some things to consider:

  • DIY cat exercise wheel projects are fun and rewarding
  • You can tailor it according to your furry friend
  • Buying an exercise wheel can be pricey, and these are cheaper

If you want to know how to build a cat exercise wheel, check this out:

How to make a Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat harness: take your cat for a walk

Kitties aren’t like dogs, and cats don’t share the same love for a harness and leash. But some cats find it perfectly acceptable to have their parents walk them, and it’s one alternative to an exercise wheel.

Opting for a cat harness is fantastic if you’ve got the time and a willing cat to walk. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bring an indoor cat outside for some fresh air.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you make a decision:

  • Cat harnesses are very budget-friendly compared to a wheel
  • Not all kitties will prefer a harness over a wheel
  • A wheel allows them to exercise whenever their pet parent is available to supervise

If you think a cat harness is for you, I recommend looking at the Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash. It’s escape-proof and available in two sizes.

cat exercise wheel diy

Catios are trendy

Catios will allow your cat to live their best life. Since it’s a natural instinct for a cat to hunt and spend time outdoors, we have some suggestions for a safe way to get your feline friends out of the house. It’ll feel like a summer staycation for cats!

This cat + patio is an escape-proof or outdoor enclosure to keep cats safe outdoors while they’re enjoying nature. A catio can be added to a window, porch, patio, or even the garden.

Here are some easy tips on how to create a DIY catio:

  • Install a cat door in a window, wall, or entry with 24-hour access. You should lock up the cat doors at night (and during the day), especially if they have 24/7 access to the catio.
  • The example here is of a DIY Garden Pergola Cat Enclosure. A garden pergola can be turned into a catio that seamlessly blends in with the aesthetics already established. This Etsy artist provides plans for pet parents.
  • Try using an IKEA bookshelf. Two bookcases can easily turn into a safe outdoor space for your cat.

Fit feline club

Just like humans, cats need a lot of exercise. As natural hunters, their instincts are to run, hunt, and climb. Indoor kitties don’t have these opportunities, and instead, may adopt a more lazy lifestyle. This can have various consequences, including obesity, behavior issues, and depression. 

The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is a fantastic option for cat parents looking for ways to exercise their kitties. It’s durable, fully cat-powered, and suitable for cats up to 22 pounds. Click here to have a closer look.


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