How Much Crude Protein Should Be in Cat Food?

How much crude protein should be in cat food?

If you’ve ever been stumped by the nutrition facts on a bag of kibble or canned food, you’re not alone. At the top of that “guaranteed analysis” is crude protein but what does this mean, and how much crude protein should be in cat food anyways? Adult cats need to eat at least 65g per … Read more

What is biologically appropriate cat food?

biologically appropriate

While looking for cat food, you may have come across the words “biologically appropriate” stamped on bags of kibble or canned wet food.  So what is biologically appropriate cat food anyway? In a nutshell, biologically appropriate cat food promises to meet the nutritional needs embedded in your domestic kitty’s DNA from their wild feline ancestors. … Read more

Can I Feed My Cat Different Brands of Food?

Can I feed my cat different brands of food?

If your kitty is turning their nose up at dinner you may be wondering, can I feed my cat different brands of food to spice up mealtimes?  The answer is yes! You can feed your cat different brands of food. In fact, cats benefit from having variety in their diet. In this article, we’ll answer … Read more

What to Feed Stray Cats in Your Backyard That Need Help

What to feed stray cats

With a 32 million stray and feral cat population in the United States, chances are you’ve met a few free-roaming felines in your backward. One of the most effective ways you can get involved with community cats is to trap, neuter, release, and feed them. But what to feed stray cats in order to be … Read more

Is Dry Food Bad For Cats?

Dry cat food bad for cats?

Is dry food bad for cats? As one of the longest-running debates in feline diets, this innocent question is one that’s dogged the cat community (including cat lovers like you) for as long as pet food companies have been selling dry cat food. The answer is no, dry food alone is not bad for cats. … Read more

The Dangers of Vegan Cat Food

vegan cat food

Vegan diets are soaring in popularity. Whether led by compassion towards animals, concern for the planet, or a focus on improving health, some people are wondering if our cats can eat vegan cat food? No, unlike dogs who can eat vegan dog food, cats can’t be vegan because a vegan diet is not biologically appropriate … Read more

How to Feed a Cat Wet Food While Away 

how to feed cat wet food while away

As a cat owner, you may feel nervous about leaving your cat alone when you go away on business or take a vacation. It’s even trickier if your cat only eats wet food, so it’s natural to ask yourself, how to feed a cat wet food while away? Wet cat food can’t be left out … Read more

How Long Can You Leave Wet Cat Food Out?

how long can you leave wet cat food out

When it comes to food, cats are finicky creatures and often leave food in their bowl untouched. If you’re feeding your cat wet food, an important question pops up, how long can you leave wet cat food out before it goes bad? Between one and four hours. As soon as you open canned cat food, … Read more

Tiki Cat Food Is As Succulent As It Sounds [Review]

tiki cat food

Described as “the carnivore diet cats were born to eat” Tiki Cat food takes inspiration from the natural prey diets our cats would eat in the wild. Crafted from whole food ingredients that you can see, like shredded chicken and salmon filets, Tiki Cat’s high protein recipes are designed to nourish your feline friend and … Read more

Human Grade Cat Food We’d Eat Ourselves

human grade cat food

As a cat owner, you need to make sure your feline friend eats well-balanced recipes that promote good health. Incorporating human grade cat food into their diet is a good way to provide them with the highest-quality nutrition. Human-grade cat food is a popular choice among pet owners. But how is it actually produced? In … Read more

Wet Vs Dry Cat Food 

wet vs dry cat food

The wet vs dry cat food debate is an ongoing issue for many cat parents, but which type of food is the best? The answer is, both! The right choice of cat food depends on several factors, including a cat’s age, size, and existing health conditions. In this article, we are going to describe the … Read more