How Merrick Cat Food Stacks Up [Review]

Merrick cat food

If you’re on the lookout for an organic cat food option, Merrick cat food is a good place to start. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to producing pet food under the strictest regulations, using only the highest-quality, natural ingredients. Merrick’s effort paid off as they have become the only line of organic … Read more

There’s Lots to Love About RAWZ Cat Food [Review]

RAWZ cat food

There’s a lot to love about RAWZ cat food. For one, all RAWZ cat foods are made from only the best meats. For another, RAWZ is committed to giving back to those in need and donates their proceeds to charity. Felines love RAWZ cat food’s taste and cat parents love the high-quality ingredients and the … Read more

14 Best Grain Free Kitten Foods

grain free kitten food

The best grain free kitten food packs a powerful punch in a tiny package, kind of like your kitten! The increasingly popular grain free diet trend means it’s more important than ever to master the art of decoding nutrition fact labels. With so many grain free kitten food options flooding store shelves and websites, it’s … Read more

15 Tasty * Wellness CORE * Cat Foods

Wellness CORE cat food

Wellness CORE cat food, a sub-brand of Wellness, is one of the most widely recognized cat food brands in the US. With a philosophy that promises to use the power of natural nutrition to give our pets a long and vibrant life, Wellness has become the third-largest pet food company in the US. A favorite … Read more

5 Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowls

slow feeder cat bowl

There’s not much a slow feeder cat bowl can’t do. Also known as puzzle feeders, these unconventional bowls make mealtime a thrilling mental challenge for cats of all ages and physical abilities. Slow feeder cat bowls have been found to reduce overeating, aggression, and feline boredom. They’ve been linked to lowered rates of stress and … Read more

Taste of the Wild Cat Food [Review]

taste of the wild cat food

Taste of the Wild cat food makes a bold claim about what they have to offer our feline friends—the “balanced diet nature intended.” All of Taste of the Wild’s all natural and high protein wet and dry foods are inspired by our domesticated kitties wild ancestral diets. Centered around highly digestible meats like duck, quail, … Read more

Abound Cat Food [Review]

Abound Cat Food

Storebrand pet food gets an upgrade with Kroger’s Abound cat food, a natural cat food company that sets out to “feed cats cravings” with their high protein, simply made, and affordable wet and dry cat food. The Kroger exclusive company is sold in brick-and-mortar Kroger stores and on Kroger’s website. The Abound cat food story … Read more

Orijen Cat Food

orijen cat food

Orijen cat food is a nutritious and species-appropriate choice for cats of all ages. Sustainably sourced and fortified with extra vitamins and minerals, Orijen cat food is a complete and balanced choice for our feline friends. Our top pick for is Orijen Cat and Kitten Dry Cat Food. Based in Alberta, with additional U.S. locations, … Read more

WholeHearted Cat Food[Review]

wholehearted cat food

WholeHearted cat food was conceived as a way to celebrate the bonds between pets and their pet parents while recognizing the importance nutrition plays in their daily lives. The Petco-owned cat food company was founded with a promise to make cat food affordable, thoughtful, and wholesome. WholeHearted sells nutritionally balanced cat food that is appropriate … Read more

Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food Reviews [part 3]

Part three of our massive Blue Buffalo cat food reviews roundup continued, this time with a focus on Blue Buffalo dry cat food reviews! There’s no shortage of dry cat food but not all kibble is made the same. Most dry cat food is loaded with unnecessary carbs, artificial flavors, and fillers. Making it a … Read more

Blue Buffalo Wet Cat Food Reviews [part 2]

blue buffalo cat food reviews

Part two of our massive Blue Buffalo cat food reviews roundup, this time with a focus on Blue Buffalo wet cat food reviews. Advertising and affordability are two factors that have led Blue Buffalo to flourish as a cat food brand. But it’s the wholesome and nutritious ingredients that make Blue Buffalo a top cat … Read more

Applaws Cat Food Deep Dive & Review

applaws cat food

Applaws cat food recipes are crafted from cuts of human-grade meats and ethically sourced ingredients. The dry food is a complete and balanced food. Our favorite dry food: chicken with country vegetables kibble Applaws wet food makes a great topper and is a good choice for complimentary feeding, especially as a tasty treat! Our favorite … Read more

Can Adult Cats Eat Kitten Food?

Can adult cats eat kitten food

Can adult cats eat kitten food? Yes, adult cats can eat kitten food without any problems. But, while kitten food is safe for adult cats, it may not be ideal for adult cats with weight issues since it’s higher in calories. On the other hand, kittens should not be fed adult cat food, as kitten … Read more

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Reviews and Recalls [part 1]

blue buffalo cat food reviews

Thanks to the power of advertising and buzzworthy online and offline reviews among cat parents, Blue Buffalo cat food has rapidly become America’s favorite natural pet food. We want pet owners to know all the brand’s pros and cons, so we’ve prepared a Blue Buffalo cat food reviews and recalls guide for cat lovers. Leaps and … Read more

Soulistic Cat Food [Review]

soulistic cat food

Less is more when it comes to Soulistic cat food. The holistic cat food brand takes a cat-first, wholefoods approach to feline nutrition. Created in state-of-the-art human-grade factories and using only high quality nutritionally complete ingredients that you can actually see, the heart of Soulistic cat food is best expressed on its parent company Weruva’s … Read more