10 Best Cat Water Fountains [Review]

cat water fountain

Water is essential for all living creatures, but this is especially true for cats because cats can get easily dehydrated. Having a cat water fountain in your home for your cat can help prevent dehydration.   Water fountains for cats encourage cats to drink water regularly throughout the day. To help you determine which cat … Read more

10 Best Wet Cat Food Brands [Review]

best wet cat food

Making sure your kitty gets the right nutrition is a top priority for all cat parents. To make picking the best wet cat food easier, our team has done the research for you. Spoiler alert! Our top pick for best wet cat food is the Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Grill Variety Pack. We’ll also talk … Read more

6 Best Kitten Foods [Review]

best kitten food

Kittens need nutritious food from the start. With a plethora of brands claiming to make the best food for kittens, it can be challenging to filter through the results. Our top 6 picks for the best kitten food Nulo Freestyle Chicken and Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Food Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry … Read more

How to Make Homemade Cat Food – A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you want to save money or make sure your kitty’s eating a high-quality diet, learning how to make homemade cat food seems like a great idea. But cats require a delicately balanced diet, and if you’re not careful, feeding them homemade cat food could make them severely ill. In this comprehensive guide to making … Read more