Cat Sling Basics: How to Wear Your Kitten

cat sling

There are all kinds of pouches and wraps that new moms can use for their babies. But what about those of us with fur babies!? There’s a new phenomenon sweeping the pet scene, and it involves tucking baby kittens into cat slings. Even though I’ve been a professional cat sitter for years, I hadn’t ever … Read more

Unboxing a Crazy Cat Lady Box – Review

cat lady box

What is a Cat Lady Box? Cat Lady Box is a cat subscription box that mails out an assortment of exclusive cat-themed items for cat ladies and their kitty companions. Every month, subscribers receive unique goods that smash outdated cat ladies’ stereotypes. Dorian Wagner, a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady founded the company in 2015. Wagner … Read more

Gifts for a Festive Cat Christmas

cat christmas

The holidays are here and we’re ready for some cheer. So we’ve turned our attention to finding the best cat Christmas gifts for our feline friends and the humans who are hopelessly devoted to them (like us!). From cat butt purses to Hogwarts catnip toys, here are 20 gift ideas to make #2020 the merriest, … Read more

25 Best Cat Costumes for Halloween [Scary Cute!]

cat costumes

October is here, witches! You know what that means: Hocus Pocus movie marathons, pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween costumes! Your feline familiar can get in the spooky spirit with these 25 cat costumes. Whether they’re all about the boos or are a total scaredy-cat, we’ve got a cat costume for them! We also include some … Read more

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel [Review]

cat exercise wheel

Whether your indoor kitty has extra energy to burn or your cat is obese, a cat exercise wheel is worth considering. They come in various sizes and treads, so how do you choose the best one for your feline friend? The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel has many benefits for indoor cats that need to … Read more

5 Best Cat Harness Options [Review]

best cat harness

After hours of research and testing, the best cat harness we found is the rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash for Walking. It comes in 2 sizes, fits snuggly around the torso, and keeps even the most wiggly feline from escaping. Made from breathable mesh and reflective material it keeps your kitty comfortable and safe. Our … Read more

5 Best Cat Carrier Options for [Review]

best cat carrier

Traveling with your cat? Finding the best cat carrier is important when you’re a cat parent. I’ll share our top 5 choices for the best cat carriers that will keep your kitty safe and comfortable. Reviews of the best cat carriers After extensive research, I found five of the best cat carriers for you to … Read more

5 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats [Review]

The Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

We’re reviewing the sturdiest cat trees for large cats plus a few alternatives because large house cats, though social animals, also value their privacy. Spoiler Alert: Go Pet Club 72-inch Cat Tree is our top pick! Providing your large cat with a sturdy place to climb, scratch, sleep, and play is a good idea. Plus, it … Read more