5 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats [Review]

We’re reviewing the sturdiest cat trees for large cats plus a few alternatives because large house cats, though social animals, also value their privacy.

Spoiler Alert: Go Pet Club 72-inch Cat Tree is our top pick!

Providing your large cat with a sturdy place to climb, scratch, sleep, and play is a good idea. Plus, it may save your couch from scratches.

The 5 best cat trees for large cats

  1. Go Pet Club 72-inch Cat Tree
  2. Hey Brother 43-inch Cat Tree
  3. Armarkat 54-in Wooden Cat Tree & Condo
  4. Vesper Large Box 31-in Modern Cat Tree
  5. Vesper High Base 47.8-in Modern Cat Tree

The best cat trees for large cats

With the help of our criteria in the buying guide below, we found the best cat trees for large cats that we’re confident your cat will love.

1. Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

This option from Go Pet Club is a fantastic cat climbing tree for large cats. It has an incredible height of 72 inches, making it an almost floor to ceiling reach. It places your kitty well up above the ground.

This 6-foot cat tree offers plenty of vertical space for room any indoor cat. They can leap, lounge, scratch, and climb this tall, sturdy tree, exercising every muscle in their bodies.

At the top, there are three perches that kitties can climb up to. Each platform measures roughly 13 inches in width, which should be plenty for sitting and relaxing. Underneath, there are several scratching posts covered in sisal material.

With this tree, your cat gets two cat condos for large cats that they can hide away in. Both have a small ramp leading up to the entrance. This also means it’s suitable for more than one cat—if they can share.

Covering the sturdy engineered wood construction is ultra-soft faux fur. It’s available in two colors; cream and brown. Also included are carefully placed dangling toys that your kitty can bat back and forth.

Go Pet Club 72-inch Cat Tree


  • Tall 72-inch tree
  • Durable engineered wood construction
  • Three top perches
  • Two condos with ramps
  • 10 sisal rope scratching posts
  • Dangling toys for play


  • Difficult to assemble

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2. Hey-brother 43-in Faux Fur Cat Tree

Next, we have the 43-inch Heavy-Duty Faux Fur cat tree from Hey-brother. This is an excellent option whether you have a giant Maine Coone cat or a clowder of kittens. Hey-brother designed the tree for heavier kitties, providing loads of space for them to perch.

What’s great about this tree is that it has many levels. There are scratch posts between each platform and a cozy cat condo for your kitty to relax in. At the top, there’s a platform where they can scan their surroundings, keeping an eye out for mealtime.

The top bed is removable and washable, making it easy to clean. The other surfaces are also easy to vacuum.

The extra-tall scratching posts are perfect for big cats because they can fully stretch out. The pillars are covered in sisal rope. For entertainment, a hanging toy dangles from a top platform.

The whole tree is covered in ultra-soft faux fur. It’s sturdy, with a double-layered baseboard. This keeps it steady when larger cats jump on and off it.

The tree is free-standing and measures approximately 34.5 by 32.2 by 43 inches. It does require assembly.

Hey-brother 43-in Faux Fur Cat Tree


  • Heavy-duty cat tree made from double-layered baseboard
  • Several platforms
  • Four extra-tall posts covered with sisal for scratching
  • Soft faux fur coverings
  • Tall and self-standing construction


  • The faux fur is slippery

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Armarkat Cat Trees | Chewy

3. Armarkat 54-in Wooden Cat Tree & Condo

If your kitty loves to climb, then this wooden cat tree and condo from Armarkat is worth considering. This elegantly designed tree stands 54-inch tall and will suit any style-conscious cat owner.

The Armarkat cat tree is made from rich Scots Pine. It’s covered in a tightly woven sisal rope, which conditions your cat’s claws as they scratch. The cat tree provides a haven for one large cat or several smaller ones. There are two lounging platforms and a cozy hammock covered in soft faux fleece.

For cats who value their privacy, there’s a bottom condo for them to escape into. It’s plushy and soft and has room for larger kitties.

There’s also plenty of opportunities for play. It includes an irresistible play area, perfect for energetic kitties. With seven scratch posts, cats have plenty of room to focus their energy on, that isn’t your furniture.

The sturdy cat tree for large cats can hold up to 60 pounds. Plenty for the multi-cat household. It comes in a neutral cream color that complements various decor.

It comes with step-by-step instructions making assembly straightforward.

Armarkat 54-in Wooden Cat Tree


  • 54 inches tall
  • Sturdy Scots Pine construction
  • Cream-colored faux fleece and sisal rope
  • Seven scratch posts
  • Roomy condo


  • The top hammock may be too flimsy for some cats
  • Not carpet on all surfaces, which may make it unappealing to some kitties

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4. Vesper Large Box 31-in Modern Cat Tree

If your cat is older—or isn’t interested in climbing the Empire State Building—take a look at this option from Vesper. This is a much shorter cat tree than the ones above, measuring only 30.71 inches in height. This also makes it a good choice for the best cat tree for a small apartment.

It’s a great little sanctuary for cats who want their own space to relax. The construction is compact but will still provide your large kitty with a top lounging area. Included are cushions and scratching mats that you can swap out with other items.

There’s a long scratch post, covered in sisal rope, allowing your feline to stretch out after a good nap. The V-Box provides your cat or kittens with lots of opportunities for play. There are two ball toys made of rattan, which cats can bat at.

The V-Box is quite sturdy and made from high-quality MDF. You can choose between a laminated walnut finish or a water-based varnish coat.

Vesper Large Box 31-in Modern Cat Tree


  • Low height, excellent for older cats
  • Tall scratch post
  • High-quality MDF material
  • Lounging area and cushions
  • Two ball toys


  • Several sides without covering, which may not appeal to every cat
  • It might be too small for extra-large cats

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5. Vesper High Base 47.8-in Modern Cat Tree

If you want a more contemporary cat tree for large cats, we recommend having a look at the Vesper V-High cat tree. This is a medium-sized tree, measuring 47.8 inches in height.

The tree provides plenty of opportunities for play and rest. It features six scratching posts, as well as three platforms and one condo. The cubby is cube-shaped and the inside is soft memory foam padding.

It’s a durable tree, made from MDF with a water-based lacquer. You can choose between a black, oak, or walnut finish. Included is a hanging rattan toy that your kitty can play with.

Vesper High Base 47.8-in Modern Cat Tree


  • Stylish tree and condo
  • Sturdy MDF materials
  • Six scratch posts
  • Hanging toy included


  • Material on the scratching posts isn’t as durable as hoped

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Benefits of cat trees for large cats

Perched atop a cat tree has many benefits for our beloved kitties. Here are some ways a cat tree may serve your kitty:

Surveillance tower

Outside cats climb trees to get an overview of their surroundings from a safe place. From there, they may scout for prey or escape predators. Indoor kitties have the same instincts (1).

By climbing their cat tree, your kitty has a safe area to perch and check out their surroundings. If yours is a multi-cat household, they may use it to get away from other cats. Cat trees are often fantastic ways of reducing catfights at home, literally. 

Expanded kitty territory

By introducing a cat tree in your home, you’re expanding your kitty’s territory. Now, they have a convenient vertical township as well as their vast horizontal dominion on the ground. This increases their living area in a controlled environment.

If you have several cats, a cat tree with multiple levels and hideaways can easily accommodate all your kitties.

cat tree for large cats

Confidence booster for shy felines

Timid kitties genuinely enjoy cat trees. As they climb up high, they can easily scan their territory and avoid boisterous kids or other pets in the house (2).

Providing your shy cat with an elevated sanctuary helps them come out of their shell and be more confidant. It gives them a place to feel secure. For other tips on helping a shy cat feel less anxious and more secure check out The Essential Guide to Cat Behavior and Body Language.

Their own playground

A cat tree is a great way for your kitty to get some exercise. By climbing they use their whole body, exercising every muscle (3).

If the tree has a scratching pole, you cat can scratch away without going after your furniture. They’re fun for kittens, too—you can easily find models that offer small hanging toys for little cats.

Where to put a cat tree?

Because a cat tree serves as a watchtower for your kitty, the perfect place for it is in a spacious room. Avoid putting your new cat tree behind the couch.

Pick a spot where your cat can have a 360-degree view of its surroundings.

This could be close to a window so that they can watch the birds and cars outside. Or, in a busy part of the house like the kitchen or hallway. Cats love to observe their surroundings, and being able to see what their human parent is up to is a great pastime. Just make sure they can’t use it as an easy route to the kitchen countertop to sneak a snack.

The 5 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Finding the best cat tree for a large cats

Before we let you get on to the cat trees we’ve found, we have some points for you to consider.

Optimal cat tree size

The optimal cat tree size depends on your kitty and how much space you have to spare. However, with large cats, it’s essential to choose a tree that can accommodate their size.

Aim for a tree that allows your cat to stretch out fully while scratching. If it’s too small, there’s a good chance they won’t even bother using it.

For large felines, a great option is a floor-to-ceiling cat tree. These need to be attached to the wall or ceiling so they won’t fall over. A floor to ceiling cat tree might be too big for some homes. Be sure to take into consideration how much room you have to spare.

Durable materials

For heavier cats, you want to make sure the tree can hold their weight. Most cat trees are made of either engineered or solid wood. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Engineered wood

Various types fall under the engineered wood category—these are:

  • Particleboard
  • MDF (medium-density fiberboard)
  • Plywood

All are pretty sturdy and should be able to hold up a more substantial cat. However, they aren’t as visually pleasing as natural solid wood.

Solid wood

Solid wood cat trees are usually pricier than engineered wood products. They often have an emphasis on design.

Outer materials

Covering the wood, there should be a comfy material that your cat can scratch without ruining it. Usual coverings include:

  • Carpet: Carpet-covered trees are nice since they offer a comfy surface for them to walk on and scratch. It’s also quite durable
  • Faux fur: This covering is very aesthetically pleasing. It’s available in various lengths and thicknesses. Long strands get dirty quite easily. The shorter, more dense versions can be slippery
  • Faux fleece: This material is similar to faux fur. The drawback is that it isn’t as durable as others
  • Sisal rope: A typical material for scratching posts. Sisal rope mimics bark, which conditions and cleans your cat’s claws

5 Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

Cat tree height

A cat tree doesn’t have to be super tall. It depends on your cat—some enjoy climbing high structures, like the fridge or cabinet, while others prefer lower heights like the couch.

For shy felines, a tall structure might be your best bet. It allows them to escape their fears on the ground and places them high above the fray.

Final thoughts on cat trees for large cats

Investing in a durable cat tree for large cats can benefit your kitty in many ways. Most importantly, it provides them with their own space to relax and play.

What is the best cat tree for large cats? All the products on our list are worth considering but our current favorite is the 72-Inch Large Base Cat Tree by Go Pet Club. Its heavy-duty construction is more than capable of accommodating a large cat. Measuring a whopping 72 inches in height, it’s the tallest tree on our list. From this epic vantage, your cat will definitely feel like the king of the jungle. Plus, it offers several perches for multiple cats to share the tree at the same time.


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