Does My Kitty Have Cat Mange?

cat mange

Two words: cat mange. Together they paint a picture vivid enough to make any cat parent cringe. While mange appears most in dogs, cats can also come down with this skin condition. Witnessing our kitty companions itching and scratching for dear life as their skin becomes scaly, red, irritated, and riddled with bald patches is … Read more

How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas?

How do indoor cats get fleas

Here’s an itchy issue. How do indoor cats get fleas? When you catch your indoor kitty furiously itching and scratching, the first thought that may cross your mind is they have a new food allergy. But then you see it. A mob of tiny black dots scattered about your cat’s fur. Uh-oh. FLEAS!  How is … Read more

The Two-Faced Chimera Cat

chimera cat

The chimera cat has possibly the most captivating look of all felines thanks to its two-colored coat. But what kind of a cat is a chimera cat exactly? Chimera cats have two sets of DNA, caused when two embryos fuse together in the mother’s womb. Instead of two separate individuals, a mother gives birth to … Read more

10 Fun Facts about Ginger Cats

ginger cat

What kind of a cat is a ginger cat? Easy. Ginger tabby cats are bold, energetic, fun-loving, and iconic. They’re often male mixed breed cats and they always have some sort of tabby markings. One need only look at pop culture to get a sense of these tiny tigers. From the lasagna-loving and Monday-hating Garfield … Read more

How To Give a Cat Liquid Medicine In Food

how to give a cat liquid medicine in food

Cats are notoriously finicky eaters. In the case of medications, specifically how to give a cat liquid medicine in food, this can be a problem. To give liquid medicine with cat food, measure out the dosage prescribed by your vet and mix it with half a can of their favorite food. It’s not easy to … Read more

How Do You Care For An Old Cat?

old cat

There’ll come a time when that mewling little fluff ball of a kitten you adopted passes their tenth, twelfth, or even fifteenth birthday. Or, maybe you’re a first-time cat-parent and have been smitten by a senior cat at your local animal shelter and wondering just how do you care for an old cat? Senior cats … Read more

How Much Food Should I Feed My Cat?

how much food should I feed my cat

Although every case is different, you may ask “how much food should I feed my cat exactly?” A healthy adult cat weighing 10 pounds needs between 240 and 270 calories per day. However, these are only estimates, and you can tailor them to meet the specific needs of your cat, depending on their age, activity … Read more

What is Arginine and Why Is It Important for My Cat?


When you start to explore the world of feline nutrition you’ll most likely come across something called arginine. You might be asking yourself what is arginine? Arginine is an essential nutrient for cats, like our old friend taurine! Yet unlike taurine, even a single meal without arginine can be bad news for your cat, and … Read more

30 Harmful Cat Food Ingredients to Avoid

cat food ingredients to avoid

In the last couple of decades, a lot has been done to raise consumer awareness about the ingredients in commercial pet food. Checking product labels can help you spot cat food ingredients to avoid, but you need to know what to look for. We’ve gathered a list of 30 harmful ingredients commonly found in cat … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Milk if It’s Bad For Them?

why do cats like milk

Like peanut butter and jelly, and movies with popcorn, cats seem to have an inseparable nostalgic connection to bowls of milk. So why do cats like milk? Simply put, cats love drinking milk because it contains high amounts of fat and they enjoy the rich, creamy, taste. But is milk good for cats? In this … Read more

Amazing Benefits of Cat Grass & How to Grow It

cat grass

Wheatgrass isn’t just for human fitness and health enthusiasts anymore; these nutrient-rich greens are among the most common types of cat grass. Yes! Your kitty companion, little carnivores that they are, can graze on these powerful plants and reap benefits from them too. Here’s the scoop on cat grass and why you should consider adding … Read more

How Often Do Cats Pee? And When to See a Vet

how often do cats pee

How often do cats pee? The simple answer is that a healthy cat will go several times per day. If you own a house cat, the first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear that question is a litter box and cleaning up after your feline. But there’s much more you can tell … Read more

Why Your Obligate Carnivore Cat Needs Meat to Thrive

obligate carnivore

Carnivores are organisms that eat mostly meat. Obligate carnivores, such as domesticated cats, require animal meat to survive. Their bodies are not equipped to digest plants and they can’t get the nutrients they need from a plant-based diet. Carnivores and obligate carnivores that hunt down prey to get food are known as predators. What makes … Read more

15 Best Probiotics For Cats

probiotics for cats

#1 favorite probiotic for cats:  MaryRuth’s Liquid Probiotic for Cats Whether you’re looking for a daily dose of gut-friendly bacteria to help your kitty companion with tummy troubles, or you’re looking to proactively help them recover from surgery or antibiotics, probiotics for cats are key to supporting feline health. With the power to regulate your … Read more

Hoax or Real, Is Grain-Free Cat Food Bad for Cats?

grain free cat food

Pet store aisles are awash with grain free pet food, mimicking the same trend seen in human diets. But is grain free food bad for cats? Grains are more than just ‘fillers.’ Grains are a good source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Some grains also provide easily digestible protein. – Lynn Buzhardt, … Read more

Kittens to 18 Months, When do Cats Stop Growing?

when do cats stop growing

Whether you’re an experienced cat parent or just adopted your first kitten, one of the questions that may cross your mind is when do cats stop growing? It’s not as simple as human children who generally reach their full size by 21. There’s no universal answer for when your little fluff ball will reach maturity. … Read more