probiotics for cats

15 Best Probiotics For Cats

#1 favorite probiotic for cats:  MaryRuth’s Liquid Probiotic for Cats Whether you’re looking for a daily dose of gut-friendly bacteria to help your kitty companion with tummy troubles, or you’re looking to proactively help them … Read more

how to keep cats out of plants

How to Keep Cats Out of Plants

How to keep cats out of plants? The simple answer is to make the plants unappealing by providing distractions for your cat, ensuring their dietary needs are being met, creating barriers to access, using deterrents, … Read more

How Can I Treat My Cat’s UTI at Home?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) in cats Urinary tract infections are a common cause of discomfort for our feline friends. In fact, it’s likely that you’re already wondering, how can I treat my cat’s UTI at … Read more

cat diapers

5 Best Cat Diapers [Review]

As an active volunteer for a local cat rescue and a cat mamma for over 40 years, I can tell you that there’s nothing worse than dealing with a cat who has feline incontinence or … Read more