25 Easy Litter Box Hacks For a Fresh Smelling Home

Litter box hacks

Any cat parent knows too well that our kitty companions can be stinky when they get down to business in their litter boxes. To fight our felines’ fragrant waste we’ve put together these 25 litter box hacks. They’ll have you going from peyew to woohoo! #1 Clean and scoop daily  Just like how we’re turned … Read more

Modkat Litter Boxes In-Depth Review

modkat litter box

The words litter box and swoon-worthy don’t typically go together. There’s hardly anything less glamorous than scooping out a hefty chunk of cat pee or a stinky log of poop that’s been freshly deposited by your beloved kitty into their litter box. But we’re not talking about those litter boxes. We’re talking about the Modkat … Read more

5 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter [Review]

hypoallergenic cat litter

Our choice winner for the best hypoallergenic litter is Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter. But more on that below. Let’s dig in! For even the most experienced cat parents hypoallergenic cat litter can be a bit of a mystery. If your kitty is experiencing the signs of a litter dust allergy it might be … Read more

5 Best Cat Litter Boxes [Review]

best cat litter box

With cat ownership, there’s one item you can’t ignore, namely the litter box. Just like your bathroom, it’s important to have the best cat litter box because it’s your kitty’s private place to go! After researching dozens of cat litter box brands, our winner for the best cat litter box is the IRIS Top Entry … Read more

5 Best Top Entry Litter Box Choices [Review]

top entry litter box

After extensive research, the IRIS Top Entry Litter Box takes the prize for the best rated top entry litter box. Why? It’s got a magic combination of modern design and great value. With a space-saving footprint, it still provides plenty of room for your cat. The top entry has grooves to catch the litter. This … Read more

5 Best Dust Free Cat Litter Options [Review]

dust free cat litter

We’ve spent 40 hours researching and reading everything we could on dust free kitty litter, and our top pick is Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter. Cats are notoriously finicky about the surface they poop on. Dust free litter, non clumping litter, natural, or crystal gel litter—there’s a seemingly endless selection. Finding the best litter … Read more

3 Reasons to Use a Cat Litter Disposal System

cat litter disposal system

Why use a cat litter disposal system? No one, not even die-hard cat fanatics, wants a smelly litter box in their home. Enter the cat litter disposal system. An ingenious solution to this very problem. Like a diaper bin for babies, a cat litter disposal system traps odors and mess. Today, we’re reviewing our top … Read more