Modkat Litter Boxes In-Depth Review

The words litter box and swoon-worthy don’t typically go together. There’s hardly anything less glamorous than scooping out a hefty chunk of cat pee or a stinky log of poop that’s been freshly deposited by your beloved kitty into their litter box.

But we’re not talking about those litter boxes. We’re talking about the Modkat litter boxes.

These uncommonly designed litter boxes are a game-changer. For your kitty and you, oh, lord of the pooper scooper.

So what sets Modkat litter boxes apart from bargain brands and other premium cat litter boxes? Let’s see how Modkat makes weekly litter box duties a lot less, well, crappy.

Modkat sells four litter box models:

  1. Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box
  2. Modkat XL Front and Top-Entry Litter Box
  3. Modkat Flip Front-Entry Litter Box
  4. Modkat Tray Open Litter Box

Modkat also sells heavy-duty tarpaulin liners specifically designed for each model.

Modkat Litter Boxes Individually Reviewed

1. Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box

Modkat Top Entry Litter Box


  • Compact design fits into small spaces
  • Easy to clean with a leak-proof base
  • Walk off mat lid prevents litter tracking and reduces mess
  • The box can be laid on its side and accommodate older cats


  • Some cats may be claustrophobic and afraid to use it
  • Can be smelly if your cat doesn’t bury his waste
  • More expensive than most litter boxes
  • Requires costly Modkat liners for best use
  • May be hard for overweight, old, and disabled cats to use

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If your energetic furball loves zooming in and out of boxes and scaling up and down all of your furniture, then the Modkat Top Entry Litter Box might be your kitty’s match made in heaven.

Also known as the original Modkat litter box model, the Top-Entry cat litter box debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2009. Winning the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Accessory, Modkat left an indelible impression, becoming known as “the iPod of litter boxes.”

Here’s how it works: it’s a high-walled, partially-lidded, and ventilated litter box designed to attract your kitty and contain the stink and mess their cute little bodies make.

As the name suggests, your kitty hops on top of the lid and drops down the 9-inch wide hole into the depths of the litter box like a feline Indiana Jones descending into a lost tomb. But without the fedora, leather jacket, or archaeology degree.

Unlike other top entry litter boxes, Modkat’s signature litter box boasts a few pretty stellar special features.

The double duty lid is one of its most defining features. For one, it has a grated and textured surface that serves as a litter box mat. The lid traps all of the loose cat litter that your kitty’s precious paws are known for spreading throughout your house. And it saves you the hassle of having to bust out the broom to sweep up again.

This model’s lid also has some pretty sweet swiveling action. It can be tilted up to pour excess litter back into the box and to give you easy access to the full litter box to complete your daily scooping tasks.

And every Modkat box comes with a super effectively built scooper. The scoop’s curved handled and contoured edges make reaching even the most challenging corners of the litter box a snap. The sturdiness of the scoop makes it so you can lift up all your kitty’s waste (especially their hefty chunks of urine) in one smooth, swift motion. No need to hack the clay chunk of pee into a big mess to get it up and out from the corner your kitty squatted in.

There are a few more points in favor of this Top Entry litter box. Unlike bulkier litter boxes, the Modkat Top Entry fits into smaller spaces. It can also be modified. The box can be configured into a front-entry style litter box for cats who may have difficulty jumping or climbing into the top entry.

2. Modkat XL Front and Top-Entry Litter Box

Modkat Top Entry XL Litter Box


  • Appropriate for cats of all ages and sizes
  • Can be used as a front or side entry litter box
  • Lid lifts off and swivels for easy cleaning
  • Mat-like lid prevents litter tracking and reduces mess


  • Cats can scatter litter when it’s configured for side entry
  • More expensive than most litter boxes
  • Requires costly Modkat XL reusable liner for best use

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The Modkat XL Litter Box has the same features as the original Modkat Top-Entry litter box but has the added benefit of being more spacious.

In fact, the Modkat XL is the largest top-entry litter box on sale anywhere. This makes it ideal for the biggest cat breeds like Maine Coons, Siberians, and Norwegian Forest cats. The larger capacity of the Modkat XL makes it a high-quality option for multi-cat households, as it’s capable of handling the heavy litter box use that comes with sharing your home with a colony of cats.

Like the standard Modkat Top-Entry model the XL has a patented cat litter-trapping swivel lid, leak-proof seamless base, and sturdy walls. There are also interior hooks built in that keep the Modkat Type C and Type D liners in place, preventing spillage or leakage.

The sturdiness and design of this XL litter box model is also great for keeping dogs and small children out.

The XL can easily be turned on its side to provide easy access for arthritic senior cats, tiny kittens, and cats who may have physical disabilities, kidney or bladder conditions, mobility problems, or who are overweight.

3. Modkat Flip Litter Box

Modkat Flip Litter Box


  • The tall, square sides can withstand high spraying and side pee-ers
  • Easy to clean and scoop
  • One of the most versatile litter boxes, period
  • Adjustable flip lid is excellent for claustrophobic cats


  • Some older, overweight or disabled cats may need a litter box with a lower entrance
  • Need to regularly check the bottom of the box for leaks if your cat likes to pee in a corner
  • More expensive than most litter boxes
  • Requires costly Modkat liners for best use

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The Modkat Flip is a front-entry litter box with an adjustable lid.

Unlike the Modkat top-entry model with its swivel lid, the Flip’s lid is a little different. This squarer lid can be put into three different positions to accommodate your kitty’s toileting preferences. Entirely open without any top, partially covered with half a top, and fully covered with a whole lid. This open-top style of litter box is ideal for claustrophobic kitties who get spooked by the close confines of hooded litter boxes.

The Modkat Flip’s best feature is its roomy and leak-proof high-walled base. The full coverage of this litter box ensures that no matter which direction or how high your cat sprays that their pee will stay where it’s supposed to– in the box. The Flip dimensions are also ideal for cats known for their furious digging or litter kicking prowess. The high walls keep pesky litter granules contained and limit scattering and tracking.

Like the Top-Entry and the XL Front, the Flip model is extremely well ventilated. This controls odor and bumps up overall hygiene by filtering out strong odors before they build up inside the litter box. This feature is crucial because it reduces the likelihood of you and your kitty developing breathing and respiratory problems from breathing in highly concentrated litter spores.

The Flip also comes with one of Modkat’s litter box scoopers and includes interior hooks to support the reusable liner.

4. Modkat Open Litter Box Tray 

Modkat Open Litter Box Tray


  • Suitable for large cats and multi-cat households
  • Can handle heavy amounts of side peeing and high spraying
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s the deepest litter box on the market


  • More expensive than most litter boxes
  • Requires costly Modkat reusable liner for best use
  • Doesn’t have a built-in litter mat like Top-Entry model

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The Modkat Open litter box tray is not your momma’s flimsy plastic litter pan.

This flashy, highly functional litter tray is fashioned from high paneled square walls and an extra deep and sturdy base. At 9 inches in height with 15-inch walls, this is the deepest litter box on the market. This makes it uniquely suited to handle all of your cat’s toileting habits. Especially if they’re creative about peeing. And by creative, we mean they constantly astound you by how spectacularly high they spray, or their frighteningly powerful sideways peeing action.

With their built-in splash guards and Modkat’s signature leak-proof base, the Open’s sleek square sides are capable of combating and containing all of the urine and the mounds of litter the furiously digging paws your overzealous litter box user could throw at them.

The Modkat Open has another special feature that sets it apart from the other Modkat models. This extraordinary tray comes with a walk-off platform that snaps into the base, locking the Modkat liner in place and serving as an extra barrier to deflect any rogue litter spillage.

Two paws up for that!

Modkat Liner Refills

Modkat Liner Refills


  • Liners can last up to 3 months
  • Non-stick and washable liner makes cleaning quick and easy
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • Dimensions are perfectly designed to fit each litter box model


  • They’re more expensive than other liners
  • They need to be cleaned frequently
  • When they get too worn, they need to be thrown out and replaced

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All Modkat litter box models work best when they’re outfitted with Modkat’s reusable liners.

Like their intentionally designed litter boxes, these liners are also carefully crafted. So much so that they can actually last up to 3 months!

Made from ultra-durable and washable tarpaulin, Modkat’s reusable liners are a distinctly eco-friendly option. These nonstick liners eliminate the single-use plastic waste that comes with standard litter box liners. They’re also surprisingly tough and can hold up to the digging and slashing power of your kitty’s razor-sharp claws, so they need to be replaced less often.

modkat litter box kittens

What are Modkat litter boxes? 

Modkat was co-founded by graphic designers Brett Teper and Richard Williams when the pair became fed up with handling the hassle and mess of typical litter boxes. Using their design background and knowledge of feline biology to tie together the stylish form with function, Modkat litter boxes became a hit.

Modkat’s award-winning litter boxes are known for their sleek aesthetic, innovative engineering, and eco-friendliness.

Unlike typical litter boxes, Modkat litter boxes are purposefully built to handle feline toileting instincts. And because of that, to make litter duty easier on you.

Regardless of age, size, and personality, Modkat litter boxes can withstand the most aggressive diggers, highest urine sprayers, and everything the bladders and bowels of multi-cat households can throw at it.

Now that you’ve got that mental image in your head let’s take a closer look at the Modkat litter box lineup!

Can kittens use Modkat litter boxes?

As a general rule, kittens can be introduced to standard litter pans when they’re four weeks old. Kittens can begin to use Modkat litter boxes like the Flip entry model at around eight weeks.

However, shallow, open-top litter pans are best to start your kitten’s litter box training off on the right paw. When your kittens are past eight weeks and are more accustomed to using open litter pans, they’ll be able to graduate to Modkat’s higher Top-Entry and Open Tray litter boxes.

How do you clean a Modkat litter box?

Cleaning your cat’s Modkat litter box involves daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Daily Modkat litter box tasks

Ideally, scoop out your kitty’s waste as soon as possible. It’s best to scoop your kitty’s litter box at least once a day.

A super handy tool for this is having a litter box disposal system set up next to your box. This serves as a visual reminder to you as well as making it convenient to scoop dirty litter into on a daily basis.

Weekly Modkat litter box tasks

First, be sure to regularly add fresh litter to your Modkat litter box throughout the week to keep the litter level even. Litter boxes work best when they’re filled with 3 to 4 inches (8-10 cm) of fresh litter.

Cat urine absorbs a lot of litter and because cats usually pee between two to four times a day this means that litter can quickly run low if it’s not attended to. Especially in multi-cat households!

Thoroughly wash your Modkat litter box weekly. This includes cleaning out the liner and the actual litter box itself.

Keep in mind that used litter has to be thrown out in the garbage, not flushed down the toilet. To clean the litter box and the Modkat liner, use Modkat’s non-toxic Cleaner + Odor removing spray, or warm and soapy water, dish soap, vinegar, or small amounts of water and peroxide to scrub out any leftover debris or mess. Avoid using bleach, ammonia, and strongly scented chemical cleaners. These can be toxic to cats.

After you wash the liner, let it air dry for at least 24 hours. Because the Modkat liner can’t go in the washer, dishwasher, or dryer, you’ll want to have at least two liners so you can rotate out the one to be cleaned with a fresh one.

Monthly Modkat litter box tasks

Every three months, you will need to completely replace the litter box liner. However, if your cat is a particularly aggressive digger and scratcher, the liner may need to be replaced more frequently.

Is a dirty litter box dangerous?

Dirty litter boxes are extremely dangerous for cats and their human caregivers.

For one, cats are naturally turned off by dirty and soiled spaces. With their keen sense of smell and their natural inclination for cleanliness, cats will often avoid using litter boxes that are crammed full of clumps of pee and poop.

This can interfere with cats’ healthy toileting habits. Dirty litter boxes can cause two major issues. They can lead to cats developing bladder infections and diseases. And it encourage cats to start peeing and pooping outside of the litter box in various parts of your house.

How are dirty litter boxes dangerous for humans?

Whether it’s from a litter box overflowing with cat waste or your cat peeing and pooping around your house, here are some of the hazards you could face.

Let’s start with pee. Cat pee, known for its signature reeking odor, is a potent source of ammonia. This toxic gas can cause many problems in cat parents ranging from headaches and asthma attacks to severe, respiratory infections like pneumonia. Spending too much time hovering over a litter box full of cat urine can cause you to inhale the ammonia fumes with potentially dire consequences. If your cat is peeing outside of the litter box you’re not off the hook either. In fact, if you’re exposed to excessive cat pee around your house, the risks for developing these ammonia-related health conditions skyrocket.

Overexposure to cat poop is also a one-way ticket to becoming violently ill and potentially even hospitalized. Whether it’s due to an excess of feces in the litterbox or poop scattered throughout your house, being around large amounts of feline fecal matter can cause serious illnesses and conditions.

Cat poop can harbor parasites like roundworm, gondii organisms, and bacteria like salmonella. People infected with salmonella often experience violent bouts of vomiting and diarrhea along with high fevers and agonizing abdominal pains. Exposure to the various types of worms in cat poop can lead to respiratory system problems, fevers, and rashes at best. It could end in blindness, liver damage, and nervous system complications at worst.

Contracting parasites like the gondii organisms from cat poop can lead to the much-feared toxoplasmosis. This disease is especially dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn children. Toxoplasmosis can lead to birth defects, brain damage, and even miscarriage. In people who aren’t pregnant, this disease can cause flu-like symptoms and problems with vision and the immune system.

How are dirty litter boxes dangerous for cats? 

When cats are faced with a crappy litter box, they are at heightened risk of developing bacterial infections and kidney, bladder, and urinary tract diseases.

The most common conditions are feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) and feline urethral obstruction.

FLUTD is a group of diseases of the bladder and urethra. This painful condition is associated with three different issues: urinary stones, urethral blockage, and urinary infections

Urinary stones, also known as struvites, are rock hard masses made up of excess minerals in your kitty’s bloodstream like magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Urinary stones can lead to urethral blockage, a potentially fatal condition. If the blockage is severe enough, your cat will be unable to pee, period. In as quickly as 48 hours, this urethral blockage could end in kidney failure.

As for urinary infections, a significant way cats develop them is from overexposure to their own feces! This is because when cats hover over the mounds of poop and pee in a crammed litter box bacterial organisms and fungi can actually travel up your kitty’s urethra, causing an excruciatingly painful bladder and urinary tract infection.

Litter box cleanliness is no joke. Your life and your kitty’s life depend on it. For information on UTIs in cat read: “How to Treat My Cats UTI at Home”

modkat litter box review

Alternatives to Modkat Litter Boxes

If you can’t get your paws on a Modkat litter box for any reason, you do have plenty of other litter box options that are capable of tackling anything your tiny tiger can throw at them!

IRIS USA Top Entry Litter Box 

IRIS USA is a homegoods company that was founded in Japan in 1971. Like Modkat, IRIS USA offers both open-top litter pans and top-entry litter boxes.

IRIS USA also provides more options like fully hooded, split-lid, and portable, travel-friendly litter boxes.

Many of IRIS USA’s products are half the price of Modkat and come with handy special features. Their litter pan style litter boxes also feature high walls, splash guards, a leak-proof base.

Like Modkat, IRIS USA’s top entry models also come with an adjustable lid for easy cleaning that doubles as a walk-off mat to reduce litter tracking is sufficiently ventilated, and comes with a pooper scooper that can be hung onto a hook on the side of the box to maximize space.

CleverCat Top Entry Litter Box

CleverCat is a USA-based litter box company that is also known for its effective top entry style litter boxes. Like IRIS, CleverCat’s litter boxes are a budget-friendly alternative to Modkat.

CleverCat’s top entry style litter boxes are made from a sturdy plastic that contains odors and prevents leakage. These ventilated litter boxes also feature a lid that doubles as a mat with ridges and grooves to reduce litter tracking and scattering.

CleverCat’s straightforward interior design is smooth without any sharp corners or edges, making it easy to thoroughly cleanout. The lid is also a cinch to wipe down and remove making cleaning easy.

The slightly less spacious design makes this a more appropriate choice for smaller sized cats. Large cats like Maine Coons or overweight cats may have difficulty getting in and out of this litter box and having enough space to properly toilet inside it.

Modkat Litter Box takeaways

Litter boxes are one of the most important items you need for your kitty. Period.

Your feline friend will pay at least two visits to their litter box day in and day out for their entire lifetime. Considering that the average life expectancy for cats in the US is between 10 to 15 years and that some cats could reach 20, the need for a litter box that can last and keep up with them is real.

Modkat litter boxes are intentionally designed, highly functional, and for the aesthetically inclined, undeniably stylish.

With several cutting edge design features, like high splash guards, leak-proof bases, and signature swiveling lids that double as litter-trapping mats, Modkat has some of the best built-in features.

These chic and well-crafted litter boxes are available in four models that are built to appeal to cat’s biology and make litter box cleaning and maintenance less of a headache for their human caregivers.

While Modkat’s prices might cause thrifty cat parents to cringe and quickly close out their browser window in horror, it’s important to note that the steep upfront cost is just that. A one-time payment for a product that will literally last your kitty a lifetime.

With the company’s positive reputation, 30-day money-back guarantee policy, and countless rave reviews from real customers, one thing is certain. Modkat litter boxes are the real deal.


Victoria Tomis