Is Dry Food Bad For Cats?

Dry cat food bad for cats?

Is dry food bad for cats? As one of the longest-running debates in feline diets, this innocent question is one that’s dogged the cat community (including cat lovers like you) for as long as pet food companies have been selling dry cat food. The answer is no, dry food alone is not bad for cats. … Read more

Tuxedo Cat | Tuxie Personality & Fun Facts

Tuxedo cat laying in the sun

What do Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat, Looney Tunes Sylvester the Cat, and Felix the cat all have in common? These pop culture kitties are all tuxedo cats! But what is a tuxedo cat? These dapper cats are known for their classy and iconic black and white fur pattern that resembles a tuxedo. … Read more

The Enchanting Siamese Cat | Breed Facts, Care & Attitude

siamese cat

Elegant, gracious, and slightly mysterious, the Siamese cat has an iconic appearance known for its distinct chocolate and cream color points and deep sapphire blue eyes. Siamese cats are highly affectionate, vocal, easy-going, and love being around people, kids, and other animals. Siamese Cat Snapshot Each point is rated on a scale of 1-5 with … Read more

How to Treat and Prevent Ear Mites in Cats

ear mites in cats

Fleas, ticks, roundworms, and tapeworms are all creepy critters that your cat can become infected with. But there’s another fiend for felines who isn’t quite as much a household name as those big four – ear mites. What are ear mites in cats? Ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) are from the spider, or arachnid family, and are microscopic … Read more

Big Maine Coon Cat: Quirks & Facts

Maine coon cat kitten with tufted ears

The official cat of the state of Maine, Maine Coon cats are recognizable for their brawny builds, Lynx-like tufted ears, furry paws, and shaggy coats. But don’t let their rugged appearance fool you. Maine Coon cats are soft, gentle, and extremely friendly. They’re a welcome addition to any household, especially ones with kids. Origin of … Read more

Cat Sling Basics: How to Wear Your Kitten

cat sling

There are all kinds of pouches and wraps that new moms can use for their babies. But what about those of us with fur babies!? There’s a new phenomenon sweeping the pet scene, and it involves tucking baby kittens into cat slings. Even though I’ve been a professional cat sitter for years, I hadn’t ever … Read more

The Basics of Clicker Training For Cats

clicker training for cats

There is a persistent myth that cats can’t be trained. In reality, training provides physical and mental stimulation and can be used to encourage behaviors and teach your cat fun tricks. So what exactly is clicker training for cats? Clicker training involves encouraging a specific behavior in your cat and rewarding them with a food … Read more

Signs Your Cat Is Dying & End of Life Care

signs a cat is dying

Your cat becomes a family member, so the thought of losing them is always hard to handle. But whether your cat is suffering from a terminal illness or nearing the end of their life naturally, it’s important to recognize the signs on time and provide them with compassionate care. So what are the signs your … Read more

What Are Cat Love Bites?

cat love bites

As a cat owner, you’ve been in this situation plenty of times: you’re petting your purring, content cat absent-mindedly when all of a sudden you get nipped! Cats can bite for various reasons, but what are cat love bites? Cat love bites happen during petting sessions, and cats use them to signal you that it’s … Read more

How to Find a Reliable Cat Sitter

cat sitter

Packing your bags and taking off for a work trip or vacation across the country (or even out of the country) isn’t so easy when you have a cat who depends on you. So how do you find a reliable cat sitter to lend a hand the next time you’re traveling? As a professional cat … Read more

The Dangers of Vegan Cat Food

vegan cat food

Vegan diets are soaring in popularity. Whether led by compassion towards animals, concern for the planet, or a focus on improving health, some people are wondering if our cats can eat vegan cat food? No, unlike dogs who can eat vegan dog food, cats can’t be vegan because a vegan diet is not biologically appropriate … Read more

Can Cats Eat Tomatoes or Are They Poisonous?

can cats eat tomatoes

If you’re a cat lover who’s grown a crop of plump red tomatoes, you may find yourself wondering can cats eat tomatoes? In short, no. Cats shouldn’t eat tomatoes because cats and tomatoes don’t quite mix. But is it true that all things tomato really bad for cats? And if so, why are tomatoes in … Read more

Creative Cat Enrichment Ideas for Indoor Kitties

cat enrichment

Indoor cats need more than food and shelter to lead happy and healthy lives. The best way to ensure your furry friends don’t get bored or stressed is through cat enrichment. Cat enrichment involves creating a stimulating environment for your kitty by engaging all of their senses. Cats have certain behaviors and needs. Giving them … Read more

What Is a Torbie Cat? 12 Curious Facts

torbie cat

From tabbies to tuxies to torties to tricolors, the world of cat coats is a vast and colorful one! But, while these housecat patterns are household names, there’s one cat that’s rarer than the rest, the torbie cat. In a nutshell, a torbie cat is a tabby cat with a tortoiseshell coat pattern. But what’s … Read more