There’s Lots to Love About RAWZ Cat Food [Review]

There’s a lot to love about RAWZ cat food.

For one, all RAWZ cat foods are made from only the best meats. For another, RAWZ is committed to giving back to those in need and donates their proceeds to charity.

Felines love RAWZ cat food’s taste and cat parents love the high-quality ingredients and the company ethics.

We also have it on good authority that some cat parents have snuck a bite or two of RAWZ to try it for themselves and came away from it licking their chops.

Let’s take a closer look at this rising star in holistic cat food!

RAWZ story

Jim Scott III founded RAWZ in 2015. Having inherited a pet food legacy from his father Jim Scott Sr. the owner of Old Mother Hubbard dog food, Scott set out to create his own line of holistic cat and dog food with RAWZ.

RAWZ is driven by Scott’s passion for pet nutrition, commitment to family values, and a desire to honor our cat and dog companion with the best foods possible.

Our top three picks from the RAWZ cat food line:

  1. RAWZ Meal Free Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food
  2. RAWZ Salmon Pate Wet Cat Food
  3. RAWZ Aujou Chicken Breast and Pumpkin Cat Food Pouch

What kind of cat food does RAWZ offer?

RAWZ currently offers four types of cat food:

  • RAWZ wet cat food pouches: Aujou and Shreds
  • RAWZ wet canned cat food: Shredded and Pate
  • RAWZ wet cat food toppers: Sa-Shi Bonito and Tapa
  • RAWZ Meal Free Dehydrated Dry Cat Food

Unlike many other competing natural and holistic pet foods, RAWZ cat food (and dog food) is designed to be “the next best thing to feeding raw.”

Every high protein, low carb RAWZ cat food recipe is centered around real, premium meats like dehydrated deboned chicken, beef liver, and deboned duck. RAWZ cat food is cooked in small batches from only the finest, hand-picked ingredients to ensure the highest quality.

There are less than five vegetable ingredients in RAWZ dry cat food. Many RAWZ wet cat food contains no plant proteins or vegetables, making it one of the most biologically appropriate cat foods.

RAWZ cat food is AFFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) certified and is appropriate for cats of all ages and life stages. All RAWZ dry and wet cat foods are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals and considered balanced and nutritionally complete.

RAWZ never contains any gums, carrageenan, antibiotics, rendered meat meals, meat by-products, added fats, potatoes, or artificial flavors or colors.

1. RAWZ Meal Free Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food

Crunchy, carb-heavy kibble gets a makeover with RAWZ Meal Free Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food.

The first seven ingredients (yes, really, seven!) are easy to digest and highly nutritious meats. Dehydrated deboned chicken, turkey hearts, and chicken liver are three of the iron and vitamin-rich animal proteins that make up the bulk of this uncommonly healthy kibble.

This grain free, high protein, and low carb dry cat food is free from questionable additives, cheap meat meals, or low-quality meat by-products.

And unlike many other holistic dry cat foods that are full of fruits and vegetables, this kibble contains only five plant-derived ingredients, making RAWZ’s dry cat food one of the most biologically appropriate cat foods on the market!

RAWZ Meal Free Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food


  • The first seven ingredients are real meats
  • Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Contains no meat meals, by-products, artificial flavors, or colors
  • Appropriate for cats with fish allergies
  • Formulated for cats of all ages


  • Premium price
  • Contains peas and pea starch

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2. RAWZ Salmon Pate Wet Cat Food

Not all pate cat foods are made alike. Just look at RAWZ Salmon Pate Wet Cat Food!

Salmon is the only source of animal protein in this wet cat food, making this an excellent choice for cats who have food allergies or sensitivities to other commonly used meats like chicken or turkey.

This high moisture, high protein, and low carb recipe also contains other helpful ingredients. The inclusion of fenugreek seeds aids in digestion and helps lower your kitty’s blood sugar levels. Dandelion greens act as an anti-inflammatory and support your kitty’s liver function.

Unlike many other pates, this soft wet cat food no carrageenan or questionable gums or thickeners.

RAWZ Salmon Pate Wet Cat Food


  • The first ingredient is real salmon
  • Contains no meat meals, by-products, artificial flavors, or colors
  • Contains only two (and very helpful) plant-derived ingredients
  • Free of carrageenans, gums, thickeners, or starches
  • Complete and balanced and appropriate for cats of all ages


  • Premium price
  • Not appropriate for cats wish fish allergies

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3. RAWZ Aujou Chicken Breast and Pumpkin Cat Food Pouch

We know you shouldn’t judge a pouch of cat food by its appearance, but c’mon! Just look at the design on RAWZ Aujou Chicken Breast and Pumpkin Cat Food. It’s a Cesar Cat with a Cleopatra Kitty!

This quirky Aujou pouch features hearty shredded chicken in a savory chicken broth with a touch of pumpkin and carrots. The inclusion of pumpkin bumps up the fiber, potassium, and vitamin C content, while carrots help with your kitty’s digestive and immune system.

This thick and meaty wet cat food is excellent for cats who are texturally sensitive and hate mushy pates.

RAWZ Aujou Chicken Breast and Pumpkin Cat Food Pouch


  • The first ingredient is real shredded chicken
  • High protein, high moisture, and low carb
  • Contains no meat meals, by-products, or artificial ingredients
  • Contains only two (and very helpful) vegetables
  • Free from carrageenan, gums, or artificial thickeners
  • Complete and balanced and appropriate for cats of all ages


  • Premium price
  • The pouch is messy and not recyclable
  • Not appropriate for cats with tuna fish allergies

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RAWZ cat food

Who makes RAWZ cat food?

RAWZ is family-owned and operated by the Scott family. The company initially had ties to Wellness and WellPet but is now operated independently.

Where is RAWZ cat food manufactured?

RAWZ wet cat food, including their Aujou pouches and Shredded Cat Cans, are made in Thailand. The facility that produces RAWZ’s wet cat food belongs to the Chotiwat Manufacturing Company, an award-winning human-grade food facility known for its high safety, quality, environmental, and human rights standards.

RAWZ dehydrated and freeze-dried cat food is made in small batches in the USA.

Where do RAWZ cat food ingredients come from?

RAWZ ingredients are primarily from the United States and Canada, with some global sourcing.

Plant proteins and herbs like sweet potatoes, peas, and parsley come from the Midwestern US, while some meats like wild-caught Salmon and Whitefish come from the Western US and Canada.

Many of RAWZ’s vitamins and minerals come from the USA, Canada, and countries in Europe, such as Switzerland and Germany. The exception to this is taurine from Japan. Tapioca starch which RAWZ uses as a low glycemic carb in their pet food comes from Thailand.

RAWZ also sources some meats from other countries, including beef from Australia, rabbit from France, mackerel from Norway, and beef liver from New Zealand.

RAWZ never uses any ingredients from China.

Has RAWZ had any recalls?

RAWZ cat food has had no recalls to date.

Is RAWZ cat food grain free?

Yes, all RAWZ cat food is grain free.

Does RAWZ donate to charity?

Yes! RAWZ is the only pet food company to donate 100% of its profits to charities.

The organizations The RAWZ Fund support focus on disability services, ranging from programs that aid in recovery from spinal cord and brain injuries, to training service dogs to help provide emotional and physical support to disabled people and their families.

The RAWZ Fund’s organizations include the University of New Hampshire’s Northeast Passage, NEADS World Class Service Dogs, Spaulding Hospital Rehabilitation Network, National Service Dogs, and Krempels Brain Injury Center.

Overall, is RAWZ cat food a good choice?

Yes! RAWZ cat food is a superb choice for your feline family member!

Every small batch-cooked recipe is created from the highest quality antibiotic-free meats and animal proteins like fish oil. There are no cheap rendered meat meals, artificial flavors or colors, or controversial thickeners or gums like carrageenan.

RAWZ doesn’t overdo it with vegetable ingredients or plant proteins, which are notoriously hard on your kitty’s tummy. Unlike many other holistic cat food brands, RAWZ limits their veggie ingredients to only ones that actually contribute to your kitty’s health instead of hinder it– like vitamin and fiber-rich pumpkin.

RAWZ cat food

Alternatives to RAWZ

If you’re unable to get your paws on RAWZ there are a few other holistic cat food brands that are also committed to providing exceptional feline nutrition.

Tiki Cat

Tiki Cat is another one of our favorite high protein, low carb, meat-based holistic cat foods. Much like RAWZ, Tiki Cat is made with real shredded meats and never contains any gums, potatoes, or grains. Tiki Cat’s non-GMO wet cat food is often crafted from wild-caught, dolphin-safe fish like tuna, and never contains any meat meals or by-products. Aside from pumpkin in their Aloha Friends wet cat food Tiki Cat also avoids using vegetables and plant proteins in their recipes.

Stella & Chewy

Stella & Chewy is another holistic independently-owned pet food company that also offers premium freeze-dried raw and wet cat food. Crafted from human-grade ingredients like whole deboned cage-free chicken, organic vegetables, and vitamin-rich organ and muscle meats, Stella & Chewy is a nutritional slam dunk for cats. Stella & Chewy is made in the US from responsibly-sourced ingredients and hormone and antibiotic-free meats.

Weruva: Cats in the Kitchen

Family-owned company Weruva has dozens of cat foods. One of our favorites is their Cats in the Kitchen wet cat food. This high protein, low carb, and grain free cat food comes in nearly twenty flavors and all features real premium meats like lamb and deboned turkey as the top ingredients. Weruva’s cat food is also considered human grade and manufactured in BRC-certified factories in Thailand.

Key takeaways on RAWZ cat food

RAWZ’s nutritional profile is exceptional. Their high protein cat foods are often low carb and are one of the few commercial cat foods that don’t contain any added fats. Every wet and dry cat food offering is complete and balanced and is fortified with all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your cat needs to thrive.

RAWZ entire line of cat food is AFFCO-certified and manufactured in factories that rank the highest in safety and quality standards. The company hasn’t had a single recall in its six years of operation.

As if that weren’t enough, this independent family-owned and operated company also donates 100% of their proceeds to service dogs, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury nonprofits and organizations.

Nutritionally and ethically RAWZ cat food is best in class!

Victoria Tomis