15 Naturally Small Cat Breeds That Will Win Your Heart

Want a cute and fluffy addition to your home, but lack room? We’ll introduce you to 15 naturally small cat breeds that don’t take up a lot of space but give loads of joy. 


Singapura cat is a small cat breed
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Named after its place of origin in Southeast Asia, the Singapura is officially known as the smallest cat breed. Their ticked tabby coloration, big ears, and striking eyes make them instantly recognizable. The Singapura may have a small body, but they’re an energetic bomb – this cat is extremely active and loves to stay busy, while also being fond of cuddles. 

American curl

American curl
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The American Curl’s uniquely shaped ears are their signature trait. This cat is inquisitive, social, sweet-tempered, and likes to express its affection by patting against its owner’s face. American Curls are easily entertained and extremely playful – you can even play fetch with them. 


Siamese cat
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One of the oldest cat breeds, Siamese cats stick to the classic look when it comes to evening wear – their coat is mainly light, while their face and extremities are dark. Siamese cats are highly intelligent, social, athletic, and they demand a lot of attention, so they can get into all kinds of trouble if left alone for too long. The Siamese is very talkative and loves expressing their opinions on all matters, big and small. 


Minuet cat
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The Minuet is a combo of Persian and Munchkin breeds, and they’ve inherited a little bit from both parents – the sweet face and disposition of a Persian and the short legs and curiosity of a Munchkin. Minuets enjoy human company and they can often be found in their owners’ laps. While they’re not particularly active, Minuet cats still enjoy good old-fashioned chasing of a ball down the hallway. 

Oriental shorthair

Oriental shorthair
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The Oriental Shorthair belongs to the Siamese family, but what makes them different from other members of this group is their colorful and short coat. Oriental Shorthairs are talkative and thrive on human interaction. They like warm places, so they’re likely to be found sitting on their owners’ laps or snuggling under the covers. 

Russian blue

Russian blue small cat breed
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There’s something so aristocratic about the Russian Blue – the bright blue coat with a hint of silver, the quiet disposition, the coy attitude around strangers – this cat breathes elegance. While they may seem reserved at first, once a Russian Blue gets to know you, they’ll become very attached and they’ll follow you around everywhere. The Russian Blue is highly intelligent and talkative, so expect to engage in long and meaningful conversations. 


Sphynx kitten
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Famous for their lack of hair, Sphynx cats have suede-like skin and they’re soft to the touch. The Sphynx isn’t completely hairless, though – they have light hair on the nose and backs of their ears. Sphynx cats are extremely friendly and they’re proper lap cats, capable of being cuddled up in their owners’ hands for hours. 


Munchkin cat
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The Daschunds of the cat world, Munchkins have a long body, short legs, and a lovable personality. They’re highly intelligent, curious, and explorers at heart – they leave no stone unturned. While they’re pretty active when it’s time for a break they become quite cuddly and are often found in beds snuggling with their families. 


Somali cat
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The longhaired cousin of the Abyssinian, Somali has a soft coat and a soft personality. They’re affectionate, loyal, and enjoy human company. Somali cats are smart, extremely curious, and like to have a clear view of things, so they can often be found on top of fridges or bookcases. 


Burmese cat
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Sweet-tempered, charming, and cuddly, the Burmese are quick to curl up on any lap they can get their paws on. They’re extremely tolerant and people-oriented, so they’re a great choice for families with younger kids. Burmese cats are also very clever, so be sure to provide them with plenty of interactive toys – you can even teach them a trick or two.

Japanese bobtail

Japanese bobtail
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Known as the good luck cat of Japan, the Japanese Bobtail is famous for its distinctive tail – a mixture of twirls, curves, and angles. This cat is very active, agile, and loves to explore its surroundings. Japanese Bobtails also like to talk, and they communicate using a variety of chirps and meows. 

Devon rex

Devon Rex
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Devon Rex cats can get mischievous, but they’re good-natured and get along well with people and other animals. They like to be involved in family activities and they’ll follow you around the house – they can get quite clingy. Devons are intelligent and playful and they don’t mind learning a couple of tricks or playing fetch.

Selkirk rex

Selkirk rex

The Selkirk Rex breed is recognizable for its curly, sheep-like fur. Resembling a teddy bear, Selkirks are soft, plushy, and cuddly. They’re easy-going and relaxed, but that doesn’t mean they’re couch potatoes – the Selkirk Rex likes to play and participate in family outings.


Balinese cats
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Another member of the Siamese group, the Balinese cats are named after the exotic Bali dancers and they are equally graceful. Much like the Siamese, they feature a combo of a light coat and dark face and extremities, the difference being in the length of the coat, which is shaggier and longer than in Siamese cats. The Balinese are affectionate, vocal, and emotionally intuitive – if they sense you’re in a bad mood, they’ll try their best to cheer you up. 


Abyssinian cat
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Abyssinians are slender, elegant, and agile. They have expressive almond-shaped eyes and a unique ticked coat. Abyssinian cats are social, intelligent, curious, and extremely loyal to their owners, so they’re a great addition to any family. 

What are your favorite small cat breeds?

These kitten-like cat breeds are easy to care for and can adjust well to living in houses and apartments.

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